Algerian musicians died at 69

Here are 1 famous musicians from Algeria died at 69:

Abdelkader Fréha

Abdelkader Fréha (October 28, 1942 Oran-October 1, 2012 Oran) was an Algerian personality.

He was known for his contributions to the world of literature and politics in Algeria. Fréha was a key member of the Algerian national movement and played an important role in the country's fight for independence. After Algeria gained independence in 1962, he devoted himself to promoting Algerian literature and culture. He was a prolific writer and penned many books, including novels, short stories, and political essays. In addition to literature, Fréha was very involved in politics and served as a deputy in the Algerian National Assembly from 1982 to 1992. He was also a member of the Algerian Writers' Union and the Algerian League for Human Rights. Throughout his life, Fréha was dedicated to promoting the values of freedom, justice, and equality. His works continue to have a profound impact on Algerian society and beyond.

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