Algerian musicians died at 71

Here are 1 famous musicians from Algeria died at 71:

Mouloud Mammeri

Mouloud Mammeri (December 28, 1917 Taourirt, Algeria-February 26, 1989 Aïn Defla) was an Algerian writer, poet, anthropologist and linguist.

Mammeri is considered one of the most important Algerian intellectuals of the 20th century. He is best known for his work in preserving and promoting Amazigh (Berber) culture and language, as well as his influential research in the field of ethnography and anthropology. He authored several literary works, including novels, poems, and essays, such as "The Sleeping Beauty," "The Isoletta," and "The Grand Frenzy." In his books, he explored themes of identity, autonomy, and resistance through the prism of his own people's struggles. Mammeri was also a key figure in establishing Amazigh as an official language in Algeria and North Africa. He received several awards for his contributions to literature and culture, including the Grand Prix National des Lettres in France in 1987. Mammeri died on February 26, 1989, but his legacy continues to inspire generations of Algerians and Amazigh advocates.

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