American movie stars died at 35

Here are 3 famous actresses from United States of America died at 35:

Gladys Brockwell

Gladys Brockwell (September 26, 1893 Brooklyn-July 2, 1929 Hollywood) also known as Gladys Lindeman was an American actor.

She died caused by traffic collision.

Gladys Brockwell was a talented stage actress who transitioned into silent films in the early 1910s. Her acting ability and striking looks caught the attention of film producers, leading to leading roles in films such as "The Spoilers" (1914) and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1923). Brockwell was known for her expressive face and intense emotional performances, leading her to be cast in many melodramatic films of the era.

Despite her success on the silver screen, Brockwell struggled with personal demons, including alcoholism, which reportedly led to a decline in her career toward the end of the 1920s. Tragically, in 1929, she was killed in a car accident at the age of 35. Her death sent shockwaves through the film industry, as she was a well-respected and beloved actress. Brockwell is remembered as a talented actor who left an indelible mark on the early years of American cinema.

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Inger Stevens

Inger Stevens (October 18, 1934 Stockholm-April 30, 1970 Hollywood Hills) otherwise known as Inger Stensland was an American actor.

She died caused by drug overdose.

Inger Stevens gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s for her roles in numerous television shows and films. Some of her notable works include the television series "The Twilight Zone," "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour," and "Bonanza." She also starred in films such as "The Farmers Daughter" and "A Guide for the Married Man."

Stevens was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and immigrated to the United States with her family as a child. She began her career as a stage actress before transitioning to television and film.

Unfortunately, Stevens struggled with personal demons throughout her life, including alcoholism and depression. Her untimely death in 1970 shocked and saddened her friends, family, and fans. Despite her short career, she left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and is still remembered today.

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Jill Banner

Jill Banner (November 8, 1946 Bremerton-August 7, 1982 North Hollywood) a.k.a. Mary Molumby or Mary Kathryn Molumby was an American actor.

She died caused by traffic collision.

Banner began her acting career at a young age and was discovered by director Rob Zombie who was captivated by her performance in the movie Spider Baby. She went on to star in several other films including The President's Analyst and The Savage Seven. Banner was known for her unique and captivating presence on screen, and she quickly became a beloved figure in the movie industry. However, her life was cut short when she tragically died in a car accident in 1982. Despite her short career, Banner's legacy lives on as one of the most talented and promising actresses of her generation.

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