American musicians born in 1953

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1953:

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman (May 29, 1953 Los Angeles-) also known as Danny Elfmann, Daniel Robert Elfman, D. Elfman, Danny Robert Elfman, Red-Wolf Elfman, Red Wolf Elfman, Bloody Elf-Thing, Scabby Elfthing, Dan Elfman, Oingo Boingo, half-Elf half-Man, Daniel Elfman, Dan of the Dead, Danny Skellingelfman, Daniel Robert "Danny" Elfman, The Bloody Elf, Danny Elfbones, Daniel Beilzebelsman, Elfmunster or Nightmare on Elfstreet is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, film score composer, singer, voice actor, composer and film producer. He has three children, Oliver Elfman, Mali Elfman and Lola Elfman.

His most well known albums: So-Lo, Pee-wee's Big Adventure / Back to School, Big Top Pee-Wee (The original Soundtrack album), Beetlejuice, Midnight Run, Batman, Dick Tracy, Music for a Darkened Theatre: Film & Television Music, Volume 1, Batman Returns and Article 99. Genres he performed include Soundtrack, Alternative rock, Film score and New Wave.

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Paul Wertico

Paul Wertico (January 5, 1953 Chicago-) also known as Wertico, Paul is an American drummer, teacher, film score composer and musician.

Discography: The Pat Metheny Group in Concert, StereoNucleosis, The Sign of 4, Ampersand and The Sign of 4 - The Science of Deduction. Genres he performed include Jazz, Rock music and Fusion.

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Alpha Blondy

Alpha Blondy (January 1, 1953 Dimbokro-) a.k.a. Alpha Blondy & The Solar System, Alpha Blondy and The Wailers or Seydou Koné is an American singer and songwriter.

His albums include Apartheid Is Nazism, Masada, Akwaba, the Very Best of Alpha Blondy, Alpha Blondy - The Best, Cocody Rock!!!, Dieu, Elohim, Grand Bassan Zion Rock, Jérusalem and L'essentiel. Genres he performed: Reggae and Rhythm and blues.

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John Zorn

John Zorn (September 2, 1953 New York City-) also known as Dekoboko Hajime or Rav Tzizit is an American composer, musician, record producer, film score composer, music arranger, multi-instrumentalist and saxophonist.

Discography: Cobra: Studio Version, Naked City, Spy vs. Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman, The Classic Guide To Strategy: Volumes One & Two, Bar Kokhba, Filmworks IV, The Circle Maker, Taboo and Exile, Filmworks Anthology: 20 Years of Soundtrack Music and Filmworks XVIII: The Treatment. Genres he performed include Jazz, Avant-garde jazz, Hardcore punk, Thrash metal, Noise music, Electronic music, Free jazz, World music, Surf music, Downtown music, Noise rock, Punk jazz, Dub, Hard bop, Dark ambient, Grindcore, Easy listening, Experimental rock, Jazz fusion, Klezmer, Experimental music and Avant-garde music.

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Garry Shider

Garry Shider (July 24, 1953 Plainfield-June 16, 2010 Upper Marlboro) a.k.a. Gary Shider, Garry Marshall Shider, Diaperman or Starchild was an American musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Funk, Rhythm and blues and Psychedelic soul.

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Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen (May 8, 1953 Nijmegen-) also known as Alexander Arthur Van Halen, alex_van_halen or Van Halen, Alex is an American drummer, musician, actor, percussionist, keyboard player and guitarist.

Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Jazz fusion.

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Robin Zander

Robin Zander (January 23, 1953 Beloit-) also known as Zander, Robin or Robin Wayne Zander is an American singer, musician and guitarist.

His albums include Robin Zander and . Genres he performed: Rock music, Southern rock, Hard rock and Power pop.

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Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams (January 26, 1953 Lake Charles-) a.k.a. Williams, Lucinda is an American songwriter, singer, singer-songwriter, artist, musician and music artist.

Her most well known albums: Ramblin', Happy Woman Blues, Lucinda Williams, I Just Wanted to See You So Bad, Passionate Kisses, The Night’s Too Long / Price to Pay, Sweet Old World, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Essence and World Without Tears. Genres: Alternative country, Folk music, Rock music, Country, Folk rock, Americana, Heartland rock, Country rock and Blues.

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Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar (January 10, 1953 Greenpoint-) also known as Pat Benetar or Patricia Mae Andrzejewski is an American musician, singer-songwriter and bank teller. She has two children, Haley Giraldo and Hana Giraldo.

Her albums include In the Heat of the Night, Crimes of Passion, Precious Time, Get Nervous, Seven the Hard Way, Best Shots, Love Is a Battlefield, Gravity's Rainbow, Innamorata and In the Heat of the Night / Crimes of Passion. Genres she performed: Rock music, Blues, Hard rock, Pop rock, New Wave and Heavy metal.

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Michael Hedges

Michael Hedges (December 31, 1953 Sacramento-December 2, 1997 Mendocino County) also known as Hedges, Michael or Michael Alden Hedges was an American musician, composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Live on the Double Planet, Strings of Steel, Oracle, The Best of Michael Hedges, Beyond Boundaries: Guitar Solos, 1981-03-20: Live at Singers Alley: Ellicott City, MD, USA (disc 1), The Road To Return, Torched, Taproot and Watching My Life Go By. Genres related to him: World music, New-age music, Fingerstyle guitar and New Acoustic Music.

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Tito Jackson

Tito Jackson (October 15, 1953 Gary-) also known as Toriano Adaryll Jackson, Tito, Papa T or Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson is an American singer, guitarist, musician, songwriter, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has three children, TJ Jackson, Taryll Jackson and Taj Jackson.

Genres: Blues and Rhythm and blues.

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Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan (March 19, 1953 Buffalo-) also known as Sheehan, Billy, William "Billy" Sheehan, Billy Sheenan or William Sheehan is an American musician, bassist and songwriter.

His albums: Cosmic Troubadour, All Mixed Up, Compression, The Talas Years, Holy Cow!, Nine Short Films and Live in Tokyo. Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Instrumental rock, Jazz fusion and Progressive rock.

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Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford (August 16, 1953 Paris-) a.k.a. Kathy Lee, Kathy Lee Gifford, Kathryn Lee Epstein, Kathie Me or Kathie Lee Johnson is an American talk show host, presenter, singer, actor, television producer and songwriter. She has two children, Cody Newton Gifford and Cassidy Erin Gifford.

Her discography includes: Born For You, Heart of a Woman, It's Christmastime and Sentimental. Genres she performed: Christian music.

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Nanci Griffith

Nanci Griffith (July 6, 1953 Seguin-) otherwise known as Nanci Griffith, Ricky Skaggs, Sharon White, Nancy Griffith, Nanci Griffith & The Blue Moon Orchestra, Nanci Griffith & Jimmy Webb, Nanci Caroline Griffith, Griffith, Nanci, Nanci Griffith and Friends, Nanci Griffith & Friends or Griffith, Nanci & Friends is an American singer, songwriter, singer-songwriter, guitarist and musician.

Her most recognized albums: Once in a Very Blue Moon, Lone Star State of Mind, The MCA Years: A Retrospective, From a Distance: The Very Best of Nanci Griffith, Little Love Affairs, One Fair Summer Evening, Other Voices, Other Rooms, Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back to Bountiful), Poet in My Window and Storms. Genres she performed: Country and Folk music.

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Charlotte Caffey

Charlotte Caffey (October 21, 1953 United States of America-) also known as Charlotte Irene Caffey or Caffey, Charlotte is an American songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player. Her child is called Astrid McDonald.

Genres she performed: Punk rock.

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Joe Melson

Joe Melson (May 1, 1953 Bonham-) a.k.a. Melson, Joe is an American songwriter and singer.

He is best known for being a frequent collaborator with Roy Orbison, with whom he co-wrote several hits, including "Only the Lonely" and "Crying." Melson began his career as a singer in the 1950s and had his first hit in 1960 with "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes." He then transitioned into songwriting in the 1960s and worked with several notable artists, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. Melson also released several solo albums over the years, showcasing his versatile voice and talent as a songwriter. Despite his numerous accomplishments, Melson remains a relatively unknown figure in the music industry.

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Alexander O'Neal

Alexander O'Neal (November 15, 1953 Natchez-) also known as Alexander O' Neal or O'Neal, Alexander is an American singer.

His albums: Alexander O'Neal, Hearsay All Mixed Up, My Gift to You, All True Man, Love Makes No Sense, Lovers Again, Saga of a Married Man, Greatest Hits, This Thing Called Love: The Greatest Hits of Alexander O'Neal and Twelve Inch Mixes. His related genres: Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Synthpop, Rock music, Funk, New Wave, Contemporary R&B and Pop music.

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James Horner

James Horner (August 14, 1953 Los Angeles-) also known as James Roy Horner is an American composer, conductor, film score composer and orchestrator.

His albums include Krull, The Land Before Time, Patriot Games, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Jumanji, Braveheart, Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture, Enemy at the Gates, A Beautiful Mind and Troy. Genres: Film score.

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Lyle Mays

Lyle Mays (November 27, 1953 Wausaukee-) also known as Mays, Lyle is an American musician, composer, keyboard player, jazz pianist and pianist.

Discography: Fictionary, Lyle Mays, Solo Improvisations for Expanded Piano, Street Dreams, Blue Asphalt, The Pat Metheny Group in Concert, Unity Village Concert and As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls. Genres he performed: Jazz, Contemporary classical music and Jazz fusion.

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Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton (February 26, 1953 New Haven-) a.k.a. Micheal Bolton, Bolton Michael or Michael Bolotin is an American singer, singer-songwriter, musician, film producer, artist, songwriter, actor and music artist. His children are called Isa Bolton, Holly Bolton and Taryn Bolton.

Discography: Soul Provider, Time, Love & Tenderness, The One Thing, Bolton Swings Sinatra, Michael Bolton, My Secret Passion: The Arias, The Hunger, The Very Best of Michael Bolton, This Is the Time: The Christmas Album and Vintage. Genres: Pop rock, Pop music, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Adult contemporary music, Hard rock, Soft rock and Blue-eyed soul.

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Desi Arnaz, Jr.

Desi Arnaz, Jr. (January 19, 1953 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, Desi & Billy Dino, Desi Arnaz, Desi and Billy Dino or Dino Desi & Billy is an American musician, actor and drummer. He has two children, Julia Arnaz and Haley Arnaz.

Desi Arnaz Jr. is the son of the legendary actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, who were famous for their TV show "I Love Lucy." He was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1953, and grew up surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Arnaz Jr. began performing at a young age, and he made his acting debut on his mother's TV show, "The Lucy Show," when he was just 12 years old. He also appeared in films such as "Red Sky at Morning" and "Marco." However, his true passion was music, and he formed a rock band called Dino, Desi & Billy with his friends Dean Paul Martin and Billy Hinsche.

The band enjoyed some success in the 1960s, with hits such as "I'm A Fool" and "Not The Lovin' Kind," and they became regular guests on TV variety shows. Arnaz Jr. played the drums in the band, and he continued to be involved in music throughout his career.

In addition to music and acting, Arnaz Jr. has also worked as a producer and director. He has produced several TV specials and documentaries, including "Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie," which chronicled his parents' life together.

Arnaz Jr. has been married twice and has two children. He currently lives in Boulder City, Nevada, and remains active in the entertainment industry.

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Pia Zadora

Pia Zadora (May 4, 1953 Hoboken-) a.k.a. Pia Schipani, Pia Alfreda Schipani or Zadora, Pia is an American actor and singer. Her children are called Jordan Maxwell Kaufer, Kristofer Barzie Riklis and Kady Zadora.

Her albums: Let's Dance Tonight, Here Comes Pia, Pia Z., Pia and When the Lights Go Out.

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Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick (December 12, 1953 Brooklyn-) also known as Kulick, Bruce, Bruce Howard Kulick, Brucey or Kiss is an American guitarist, songwriter and musician.

His albums include Audio Dog, Transformer and BK3. Genres: Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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Jon Faddis

Jon Faddis (July 24, 1953 Oakland-) a.k.a. Joh Faddis, John Faddis, Faddis, Jon, Jonathan Faddis or Thad Jones Mel Lewis Band is an American trumpeter, conductor and composer.

His most well known albums: Teranga, Hornucopia, Good and Plenty, Legacy and Remembrances. Genres related to him: Jazz and Bebop.

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Alicia Bridges

Alicia Bridges (July 15, 1953 North Carolina-) a.k.a. Alisha Bridges or Bridges, Alicia is an American singer and songwriter.

Her albums: I Love the Nightlife, Say It Sister, I Love the Nightlife: The Collection, Alicia Bridges, I Love the Nigfhtlife (disco 'round) and I Love the Night Life. Her related genres: Disco.

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Michael Byron

Michael Byron (September 7, 1953-) is an American , .

Michael Byron (September 7, 1953-) is an American composer, performer, and writer. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz and later earned a Master of Arts degree in composition from Mills College. Byron has been a prominent figure in the American contemporary classical music scene since the early 1980s. He has written over 100 works for a variety of ensembles and solo performers, ranging from small chamber ensembles to orchestra and opera. In addition to his work as a composer, Byron has also performed extensively as a pianist and keyboardist, collaborating with a number of prominent musicians in the jazz and rock genres. His essays on music and culture have appeared in a wide variety of publications. Byron is currently a professor of music at Michigan State University.

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Desmond Child

Desmond Child (October 28, 1953 Gainesville-) also known as John Charles Barrett or Child, Desmond is an American songwriter, record producer, film producer, musician and composer. He has two children, Roman Child and Nyro Child.

His albums include Discipline. Genres related to him: Pop music, Rock music, Heavy metal, Hard rock, Glam metal, Pop rock, Country, Disco, Latin pop and Adult contemporary music.

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Charles Foster Johnson

Charles Foster Johnson (April 13, 1953 New York-) a.k.a. Johnson, Charles "Icarus", Charles Johnson or Charles "Icarus" Johnson is an American , .

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Tico Torres

Tico Torres (October 7, 1953 New York-) also known as Torres, Tico, Hector Samuel Juan Torres, The Hit Man or Tico is an American drummer, musician, painter and percussionist. He has one child, Hector Alexander Torres.

Genres: Rock music, Hard rock, Glam metal, Heavy metal, Blues, Jazz, Jazz fusion and Pop rock.

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Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson (October 21, 1953 Omaha-) also known as Johnson, Marc is an American bassist and composer.

His albums: Second Sight, The Sound of Summer Running, Right Brain Patrol, Shades of Jade, Bass Desires, John Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine, Current Conditions, As Never Before, Play Morricone and Play Morricone 2. His related genres: Jazz.

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Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson (March 19, 1953 Athens-October 12, 1985 New York City) otherwise known as Wilson, Ricky, Ricky Helton Wilson or The B-52s was an American musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

His related genres: New Wave, Rock music, Pop rock, Post-punk and Pop music.

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Vanessa Campbell

Vanessa Campbell (June 24, 1953-August 25, 2002) was an American singer.

She was born and raised in New York City and began singing in church at a young age. In her early twenties, she joined several local bands and began performing in clubs around the city. In 1981, she released her first solo album, which received critical acclaim and established her as a rising star in the music industry.

Over the course of her career, Campbell released several more albums and collaborated with several well-known musicians. She was known for her powerful voice and soulful lyrics that often dealt with themes of love and loss. Despite her success, she remained grounded and dedicated to her craft, performing regularly and mentoring younger artists.

Tragically, Campbell passed away in 2002 at the age of 49 due to complications from a rare medical condition. However, her lasting legacy as a talented musician and trailblazer in the industry continues to inspire aspiring artists to this day.

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Leigh Howard Stevens

Leigh Howard Stevens (March 9, 1953-) is an American percussionist.

He is best known for his pioneering work on the modern marimba, developing a four-mallet grip that has been widely adopted by percussionists worldwide. Stevens has performed as a soloist with major orchestras and has recorded several albums, including a groundbreaking interpretation of the Bach Cello Suites for marimba. In addition to his performance career, Stevens is a respected educator, having taught at several universities and conservatories, including the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He has also authored several instructional books and videos on marimba technique. Stevens continues to perform, teach, and contribute to the development of percussion music.

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Craig Harris

Craig Harris (September 10, 1953 Town of Hempstead-) also known as Craig Harris or Harris, Craig is an American musician and trombonist.

Discography: Black Bone and F-Stops. Genres: Jazz.

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Ronnie Earl

Ronnie Earl (March 10, 1953 Queens-) a.k.a. Earl, Ronnie is an American musician, professor and guitarist.

His albums include I Feel Like Goin' On, Healing Time, Ronnie Earl Plays Big Blues, I Like It When It Rains, The Duke Meets the Earl, Heart and Soul The Best of Ronnie Earl, Blues Guitar Virtuoso Live In Europe and Ronnie Earl / Now My Soul. Genres related to him: Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Jazz fusion, Instrumental rock, Blues rock and Jam band.

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Glenn Kaiser

Glenn Kaiser (January 21, 1953 Milwaukee-) also known as Kaiser, Glenn, Glen Kaiser or Kaiser, Glen is an American pastor, musician and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Blues Heaven: The Best of Glenn Kaiser's Blues, Time Will Tell, All My Days, Throw Down Your Crowns, Bound for Glory and You Made The Difference In Me. Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Rock music, Blues rock, Rhythm and blues and Christian music.

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Rustee Allen

Rustee Allen (March 13, 1953 Monroe-) also known as Allen, Rusty is an American bassist.

Genres: Fusion, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Funk.

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Lawrence Gwozdz

Lawrence Gwozdz (April 1, 1953-) is an American , .

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Eric Bazilian

Eric Bazilian (July 21, 1953 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. Bazilian, Eric, Eric M. Bazilian or The Hooters is an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, music arranger, record producer and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include The Optimist. Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Kevin McMahon

Kevin McMahon (September 21, 1953 Cleveland-) also known as PRICK is an American singer and songwriter.

Discography: Prick, The Wreckard and Boston Live. Genres he performed include Industrial rock, Noise rock, New Wave and Alternative rock.

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Brett Hudson

Brett Hudson (January 18, 1953 Portland-) is an American songwriter, singer, television producer, musician, writer and singer-songwriter.

He is best known as one of the founding members of the band The Hudson Brothers, which gained popularity in the 1970s with hits such as "Rendezvous," "So You Are a Star" and "Crying Ain't Enough." In addition to his music career, Hudson has also worked as a television producer and writer, creating shows such as "The New Adventures of Beans Baxter" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." He has also collaborated with other musicians and contributed songs to various film and television soundtracks. Hudson continues to write and perform music, and is known for his versatile vocal range and his ability to blend together different musical styles.

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Marvin Isley

Marvin Isley (August 18, 1953 Cincinnati-June 6, 2010 Chicago) also known as Isley, Marvin was an American bassist, arranger, musician, songwriter, composer and singer.

Genres: Soul music, Rhythm and blues, Funk and Funk rock.

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Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson (January 29, 1953 Tulsa-) a.k.a. charlie_wilson, Uncle Charlie, Charles Wilson, Wilson, Charlie, Charles Kent Wilson, Charles Kent "Charlie" Wilson, UCW or Uncle Charlie Wilson is an American singer, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and actor.

His albums: Bridging the Gap, Charlie, Last Name Wilson, Supa Sexy, Uncle Charlie, Just Charlie, Homeless / Supa Sexxy EP, You Turn My Life Around, Playlist: The Very Best of Charlie Wilson, My Love Is All I Have and Love, Charlie. His related genres: Hip hop soul, Rhythm and blues, Quiet Storm, Soul music, Funk and Contemporary R&B.

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Paul Shortino

Paul Shortino (May 14, 1953-) also known as Shortino, Paul; Kulick, Bob; Schellen, Jay; Laurent, Matt; Dio, Nick is an American singer, musician and actor.

His most well known albums: It's About Time, Back on Track, Back on Track and Afterlife. Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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Merle Allin

Merle Allin (September 1, 1953 United States of America-March 1, 1993) also known as Allin, Merle was an American , .

Genres he performed: Punk rock, Scum punk and Shock rock.

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David Torn

David Torn (May 26, 1953 Amityville-) a.k.a. Torn, David, Davd Torn or Splatter Cell is an American record producer, composer, musician and guitarist. He has two children, Elijah B. Torn and Cody Torn.

Related albums: Tripping Over God, Door X, What Means Solid, Traveller?, REMiKSiS:AH, OAH, Lars and the Real Girl, Best Laid Plans, Cloud About Mercury, Prezens and GTR OBLQ.

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Rhetta Hughes

Rhetta Hughes (November 9, 1953 Los Angeles-) is an American singer and actor.

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1953, Rhetta Hughes began her career as a singer at a young age, performing in local clubs and theaters around the city. Her impressive range and soulful voice quickly won over audiences, and she soon caught the attention of record producers.

In 1965, she signed with Columbia Records and released her first single, "You're Doing It With Her (When It Should Be Me)." The song became a minor hit, and Hughes continued to record and tour throughout the 1960s and 1970s, releasing a string of albums and singles that showcased her powerful vocals and versatile style.

In addition to her work as a singer, Hughes also pursued a career in acting, appearing in several films and television shows over the years. Some of her most notable roles include appearances in the films "Cotton Comes to Harlem" and "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song," as well as guest roles on TV shows such as "The L Word" and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit."

Throughout her career, Hughes has been praised for her dynamic performances and unique style, and she continues to be an influential figure in both the music and entertainment industries.

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Martha Wash

Martha Wash (December 28, 1953 San Francisco-) also known as Wash, Martha or Marta Wash is an American singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Catch the Light, Give It to You, It's Raining Men...The Sequel, Keep on Jumpin', Martha Wash and Something Goin' On. Genres she performed: Hi-NRG, House music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Dance music, Disco and Pop music.

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Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes (March 28, 1953 United States of America-) is an American composer.

He is perhaps best known for his choral arrangements, which have been performed by groups all over the world, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Boys Choir of Harlem. Hayes has also composed music for solo piano, and his work in this field has earned him critical acclaim. In addition, he is an accomplished conductor and has led numerous choral and orchestral concerts throughout his career. Hayes studied music at Baylor University and Southern Methodist University, and he has served as a church musician in various capacities. Today, he continues to compose, conduct, and perform, and his work is beloved by many.

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Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin (January 17, 1953 Queens-) also known as Berlin, Jeff is an American bassist.

His most important albums: Crossroads, In Harmony's Way, Pump It, Taking Notes, Champion, Low Standards and Lumpy Jazz. Genres he performed include Jazz fusion, Progressive rock and Jazz.

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