American musicians born in 1977

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1977:

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple (September 13, 1977 Manhattan-) also known as Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart, Fiona Apple Maggart or Apple, Fiona is an American singer-songwriter, musician and pianist.

Her albums: Tidal, Criminal, Shadowboxer, Sleep to Dream, Across the Universe, Fast as You Can, When the Pawn…, Limp, Extraordinary Machine and iTunes Originals - Fiona Apple. Genres: Jazz, Alternative rock, Rock music, Baroque pop, Piano rock, Indie pop, Experimental rock, Jazz fusion and Pop music.

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Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda (February 11, 1977 Agoura Hills-) a.k.a. Michael Kenji Shinoda, Shinoda, Michael Kenji, Shinoda, Mike, Michael Kenji "Mike" Shinoda, Shinnizle, Mikey, Mike the spike, Spike Minoda or Shinizzle is an American record producer, singer, musician, guitarist, keyboard player, graphic designer, songwriter, actor, rapper, visual artist and talent manager. He has one child, Otis Akio Shinoda.

His albums include We Major and The Raid: Redemption: Original Motion Picture Score & Soundtrack. Genres: Rapcore, Alternative rock, Nu metal, Alternative hip hop, Alternative metal, Rap metal, Hip hop music, Rock music, Industrial rock, Rap rock, Electronic rock and Contemporary R&B.

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Brad Delson

Brad Delson (December 1, 1977 Agoura-) also known as Bradford Phillip Delson, Delson, Bradford Phillip, Big Bad Brad, BBB or Delson, Brad is an American musician, guitarist and songwriter. He has one child, Jonah Taylor Delson.

His albums: UCLA. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Nu metal, Alternative metal, Rapcore, Thrash metal, Rap metal, Electronic rock and Rap rock.

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Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy (November 10, 1977 Atlanta-December 20, 2009 Los Angeles) also known as Britanny Murphy, Brittany Bertolotti, Brittany Anne Bertolotti, Brittany Anne Murphy, Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack, Murphy, Brittany or Britt was an American actor, singer, musician and voice actor.

Murphy began her career in Hollywood as a teenager and gained recognition for her roles in Clueless, Girl Interrupted, and 8 Mile. She also lent her voice to animated films such as King of the Hill and Happy Feet. In addition to her acting career, Murphy was also a talented singer and released several singles throughout her career.

Tragically, Murphy passed away in 2009 at the age of 32 due to pneumonia complicated by anemia and multiple drug intoxication. Her death was widely mourned in Hollywood and among her fans. Despite her early passing, her legacy as a talented actor and musician lives on through her notable performances on screen and on stage.

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Obie Trice

Obie Trice (November 14, 1977 Detroit-) also known as Obie Trice III, Trice, Obie or O is an American songwriter, rapper, artist, musician and music artist. He has one child, Kobie Trice.

His albums: Cheers, Got Some Teeth, Snitch, Second Round's On Me, Second Round On Me (Bootleg), The Bar Is Open, Bottoms Up, Special Reserve, Bar Shots and The Set Up (You Don't Know). Genres related to him: Hardcore hip hop, Detroit hip hop, Midwest hip hop and Hip hop music.

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John Cena

John Cena (April 23, 1977 West Newbury-) otherwise known as John Felix Anthony Cena, Mr. P, The Prototype, The Chain Gang Soldier, The Doctor of Thuganomics, The Champ, The Chain Gang Commander, Jonathan Felix Anthony Cena Jr., Prototype, John Cena Jr., 'Prototype' John Cena, Cena, John, The Marine, The Franchise, Chain Gang, Dr. of Thuganomics, Super Cena, Cena, The Marky Mark of Wrestling, Juan Cena, The Cenation Leader, Mr. Money in the Bank, John "Prototype" Cena, The Face of the WWE or The Hustle Loyalty & Respect Soldier is an American wrestler, singer, actor, rapper, musician and bodybuilder.

His albums include You Can't See Me, The Time Is Now, Bad Bad Man and Right Now.

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Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz (June 23, 1977 Mechanicsville-) also known as Jason Thomas Mraz is an American musician, singer-songwriter, actor, artist, music artist and film producer.

His albums: A Jason Mraz Demonstration, Homemade, The E Minor EP in F (On Love, in Sadness), Waiting for My Rocket to Come, Tonight Not Again: Jason Mraz Live at the Eagles Ballroom, Mr. A-Z, The Rhythm Cafe Live #1, Wordplay, Before Rockets and Roosters and From the Cutting Room Floor. Genres: Pop rock, Alternative rock, Adult contemporary music, Reggae, Rock music, Blue-eyed soul, Soul music, Indie rock, Roots rock, Pop music, Acoustic music, Blues, Soft rock and Folk rock.

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Kanye West

Kanye West (June 8, 1977 Atlanta-) also known as Kanye Omari West, Konman, The Louis Vuitton Don, Yeezy, Ye, Kanye Cheddar or Kanye is an American record producer, songwriter, singer, actor, film producer, rapper, businessperson, screenwriter, fashion designer, music video director, film director, film score composer, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. His child is called North West.

His albums: Late Registration, The College Dropout, 808s & Heartbreak, The Graduate, VH1 Storytellers, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, The Late Mixtape, Kanye West presents: The Lost Tapes, Sky High: Presented by DJ Benzi and Plain Pat and Graduation "Bonus Tracks, Remixes, Unreleased" EP. Genres he performed: Pop-rap, Alternative hip hop, Soul music, Rhythm and blues, Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Hip hop music and Midwest hip hop.

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Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong (August 2, 1977 Glendale-) also known as Edward Walter Torres, Edward Walter Furlong, Eddie Furlong or Eddie is an American actor, model and musician. His child is called Ethan Page Furlong.

His albums include Hold on Tight.

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Jeremiah Green

Jeremiah Green (March 4, 1977 Oahu-) also known as Green, Jeremiah or Jeremiah Martin Green is an American drummer.

He is best known as the drummer for the indie rock band Modest Mouse. Green met Modest Mouse's lead singer, Isaac Brock, in high school and they formed the band in 1993. He has been a part of the band ever since, contributing to their most well-known albums including "The Lonesome Crowded West" and "Good News for People Who Love Bad News". In addition to Modest Mouse, Green has also played drums for other bands such as The Delusions, Red Stars Theory, and Satisfact. He is known for his unconventional drumming style and unique approach to percussion. Outside of music, Green is an avid skateboarder and has designed skateboards for the brand Alien Workshop.

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Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy (August 31, 1977 Cameron-) also known as Galaxion, Willow the Whisp, Jeff Harvey, Wolverine, The Legend Thriller, Gladiator, Mean Jimmy Jack, The Rainbow–Haired Warrior, The Extreme Enigma, The Charismatic Enigma, The Iceman, Jeffery Nero Hardy, Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy, Jeffrey Nero Hardy, Rainbow Haired Warrior, Jeffro, Enigmatic Soul or Jeffy is an American wrestler, painter, singer-songwriter, poet and musician. He has one child, Ruby Claire Hardy.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal and Alternative rock.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd (June 12, 1977 Shreveport-) otherwise known as Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Kenny Wayne Shepard, KWS, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, KWSB, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Kenny Wayne Brobst, Jr., Shepherd, Kenny Wayne or Kenny Wayne Brobst is an American musician, songwriter, guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor.

His most recognized albums: Ledbetter Heights, The Place You're In, Multiplicity, Live On, Blue on Black, Trouble Is..., House of Blues - Live, Live! In Chicago, 10 Days Out (Blues From the Backroads) and How I Go. His related genres: Blues, Rock music, Blues rock, Country blues, Roots rock and Hard rock.

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Brooks Wackerman

Brooks Wackerman (February 15, 1977 United States of America-) also known as Wackerman, Brooks is an American drummer and musician.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Punk rock.

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Khia (November 8, 1977 Philadelphia-) is an American record producer, songwriter and rapper.

Her discography includes: Thug Misses, Gangstress, Nasti Muzik, My Neck, My Back (Lick It), MotorMouf aka Khia Shamone and So Addicted. Her related genres: Southern hip hop, Gangsta rap, Dirty rap and Hip hop music.

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Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone (January 28, 1977 Brooklyn-) also known as Joseph Anthony Fatone, Joseph Anthony "Joey" Fatone, Jr., Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr., Superman, Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr., Super Joey, phat-one, Phat One or Joey Fantone is an American singer, actor, dancer, voice actor, announcer, television presenter and tv personality. His children are called Kloey Alexandra Fatone and Briahna Joely Fatone.

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor (January 22, 1977 United States of America-) also known as Benjamin Simon Taylor, Benjamin Taylor or Ben Simon Taylor is an American musician, record producer, singer-songwriter, audio engineer and actor.

His albums: The Legend of Kung Folk, Part 1 (The Killing Bite), Another Run Around the Sun, Deeper Than Gravity and Listening. Genres: Folk music, Funk, Pop music, Folk rock and Soft rock.

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Leila Josefowicz

Leila Josefowicz (October 20, 1977 Mississauga-) also known as Josefowicz, Leila or Leila Bronia Josefowicz is an American violinist.

Her albums: Violin for Anne Rice, For the End of Time, Violin Concertos, Mendelssohn / Glazunov: Violin Concertos, Violin Concerto no. 1 / Violin Sonata, Bohemian Rhapsodies, The Complete Works and Out of Nowhere: Violin Concerto / Nyx.

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Scott Klopfenstein

Scott Klopfenstein (May 31, 1977 Garden Grove-) also known as Klopfenstein, Scott is an American guitarist, keytarist and trumpeter.

Genres he performed include Indie rock and Ska punk.

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Adam Dutkiewicz

Adam Dutkiewicz (April 4, 1977-) also known as Dutkiewicz, Adam, Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz, Adam D, Adam Dutkiewitcz or Dutkiewitcz, Adam is an American record producer, musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Metalcore, Mathcore, Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Groove metal and Melodic death metal.

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Larry "Jazz" Anthony

Larry "Jazz" Anthony (April 23, 1977 Baltimore-) also known as Larry Eugene Anthony Jr., Larry Anthony, Larry Anthony, Jr. or Jazz is an American singer, record producer and songwriter.

He started singing in his church choir at a young age and later joined a local R&B group. In 2003, he signed a record deal with Motown Records and released his debut album, "The Music in Me." The album received critical acclaim and led to Anthony being nominated for a Grammy award for Best New Artist.

Anthony has also worked as a songwriter and producer for other artists, including Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, and Justin Timberlake. He has received multiple production credits and songwriting credits over the years, including for his work on Beyoncé's hit single "Crazy in Love."

Aside from his music career, Anthony is also known for his philanthropic work. He founded The Jazz Foundation in 2001, an organization that provides resources and support to music industry professionals in need.

Anthony continues to release music and collaborate with other artists, demonstrating his versatility as a musician and dedication to his craft.

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Ray Toro

Ray Toro (July 15, 1977 Kearny-) otherwise known as Raymond Toro Ortiz or Raymond Toro is an American guitarist, musician and songwriter.

Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Pop punk, Post-hardcore, Emo, Hard rock and Electronic rock.

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Ben Kenney

Ben Kenney (March 12, 1977 Brielle-) a.k.a. Kenney, Ben, Benjamin Lee Kenney, Sr. or Benjamin Lee "Ben" Kenney, Sr. is an American musician and bassist.

His albums: 26, Maduro and Distance and Comfort. Genres related to him: Funk, Rock music, Alternative rock, Hip hop music and Alternative hip hop.

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Mario Vazquez

Mario Vazquez (June 15, 1977 The Bronx-) also known as Mario Vasquez, Mario Adrian Vazquez, Vazquez, Mario or Vasquez, Mario is an American singer and actor.

Discography: Mario Vazquez. Genres: Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Shoshana Bean

Shoshana Bean (September 1, 1977 Olympia-) is an American singer and actor.

Her albums include Superhero, and Shadows to Light.

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Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson (August 7, 1977 London-) also known as Ronson, Samantha is an American singer, disc jockey and singer-songwriter.

Her most recognized albums: “Challah” Twins. Genres: Indie rock, Alternative rock, Rock music, Pop rock and Hip hop music.

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Rachael Yamagata

Rachael Yamagata (September 23, 1977 Arlington County-) also known as Yamagata, Rachael or Rachel Yamagata is an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: EP, Happenstance, KCRW Sessions: Rachael Yamagata - EP, Live at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, KCRW Sessions: Rachel Yamagata, Napster session: Rachael Yamagata, Japan 2005 Tour Sampler, Rachael Yamagata, Live at the Loft & More and Sony Connect Sets. Genres she performed: Pop rock, Adult album alternative, Blues rock and Independent music.

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Matt Bachand

Matt Bachand (April 29, 1977 Westfield-) a.k.a. Bachand, Matthew or Matthew Bachand is an American guitarist.

Genres: Death metal, Brutal death metal, Thrash metal, Melodic death metal and Metalcore.

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Chris Pennie

Chris Pennie (May 31, 1977-) a.k.a. Pennie, Chris is an American drummer and musician.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, New Prog, Mathcore, Post-hardcore and Progressive rock.

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Dan Andriano

Dan Andriano (June 27, 1977 Elgin-) also known as Andriano, Dan or Daniel Michael Andriano is an American singer, musician, bassist and songwriter.

His albums include Hurricane Season and Mike Felumlee and Dan Andriano. Genres he performed include Punk rock, Alternative rock, Pop punk and Ska punk.

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Shelly Fairchild

Shelly Fairchild (August 23, 1977 Clinton-) also known as Fairchild, Shelly is an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Kiss Me and Ride. Genres she performed include Country.

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Gianna Jessen

Gianna Jessen (April 6, 1977 Los Angeles-) is an American singer.

Her albums: In the Waiting. Genres: Christian music.

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Sam Rivers

Sam Rivers (September 2, 1977 Jacksonville-) otherwise known as Rivers, Sam is an American bassist and musician.

Genres he performed: Rapcore, Nu metal, Funk metal and Rap metal.

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Derek Grant

Derek Grant (April 24, 1977-) also known as Grant, Derek is an American musician, drummer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Alternative rock, Pop punk, Ska punk and Metalcore.

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Josh Turner

Josh Turner (November 20, 1977 Hannah-) also known as Turner, Josh, Joshua Otis Turner or Joshua Otis "Josh" Turner is an American singer, actor and musician. He has three children, Hampton Otis Turner, Colby Lynch Turner and Marion Crawford Turner.

His albums: Long Black Train, Long Black Train, Your Man, Everything Is Fine, Live at the Ryman, Haywire, Icon, Punching Bag, Live Across America and Lay Low. Genres: Country, Bluegrass and Southern gospel.

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Ruda Real

Ruda Real (June 5, 1977-January 29, 2006) was an American singer and musician.

Genres he performed: Southern hip hop and Rhythm and blues.

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Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter (May 26, 1977 Cleveland-) also known as Hunter, Mark is an American singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Nu metal, Thrash metal, Metalcore, Groove metal, Industrial metal and Alternative metal.

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Lucy Woodward

Lucy Woodward (October 27, 1977 London-) also known as Woodward, Lucy is an American singer.

Her albums: While You Can, Hot and Bothered, Hooked!, Lucy Woodward Is...Hot and Bothered and Hot & Bothered.

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Jimmy Gnecco

Jimmy Gnecco (September 30, 1977 Holy Name Medical Center-) a.k.a. Gnecco, Jimmy, James Francis Gnecco III, James Francis "Jimmy" Gnecco III or James Francis Gnecco is an American musician.

His albums include The Heart. Genres: Alternative rock, Experimental rock and Acoustic music.

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Becky Baeling

Becky Baeling (May 1, 1977 Rochester-) also known as Baeling, Becky is an American presenter.

Her albums: Becstasy and Getaway. Genres she performed: Pop music and Dance music.

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Zakiya (April 22, 1977 Hillside-) is an American singer.

Her albums: Love Like Mine and Zakiya. Genres: Soul music, Pop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Goapele (July 11, 1977 Oakland-) also known as Goapele Mohlabane or Goapelle is an American singer, singer-songwriter and actor. Her child is called Bahia Osun Rodrigues.

Her albums: First Love, Closer, Even Closer, Change It All, Break of Dawn, Don't Be Shy, Play, Play Remixed, Milk & Honey and Strong as Glass. Her related genres: Rhythm and blues, Trip hop, Soul music, Neo soul and Contemporary R&B.

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Rocky Votolato

Rocky Votolato (March 8, 1977 Texas-) also known as Votolato, Rocky is an American songwriter, singer and guitarist.

His albums: A Brief History, Burning My Travels Clean, Light and Sound EP, Makers, The Brag and Cuss, Suicide Medicine, End Like This, Rocky Votolato, True Devotion and Television of Saints. Genres he performed: Indie rock, Alternative country and Folk music.

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Steve Mazur

Steve Mazur (December 21, 1977 Port Huron-) is an American musician, songwriter and guitarist.

He is best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Our Lady Peace, which he joined in 2002. Mazur's guitar playing style is characterized by soaring, melodic solos and intricate, layered rhythms. Prior to joining Our Lady Peace, Mazur played in several other bands, including The Joy Drops and The Working Title. In addition to his work as a musician, Mazur is also an accomplished visual artist and photographer. He has created artwork for several of Our Lady Peace's albums, and his photographs have been featured in numerous galleries and publications. Outside of music and art, Mazur is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. He has spoken openly about his own struggles with depression and anxiety, and frequently uses his platform to help raise awareness and support for those dealing with similar issues.

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Tori Alamaze

Tori Alamaze (July 7, 1977-) a.k.a. Alamaze, Tori is an American singer.

Discography: Don't Cha.

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John Otto

John Otto (March 22, 1977 Jacksonville-) also known as Otto, John is an American drummer and musician.

His related genres: Nu metal, Alternative metal, Rock music and Rap metal.

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Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean (February 28, 1977 Macon-) also known as Jason Aldine Williams or Aldean, Jason is an American singer, musician and actor. He has two children, Kendyl Williams and Keeley Williams.

Related albums: Jason Aldean, Relentless, Wide Open, My Kinda Party, She's Country, Night Train, Live Session (iTunes Exclusive), Take a Little Ride, Hicktown and She's Country (Club Mix). Genres related to him: Country and Country rock.

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Jaguar Wright

Jaguar Wright (May 17, 1977 Philadelphia-) also known as Wright, Jaguar or Jacquelyn S. Wright is an American singer.

Her discography includes: Denials, Delusions and Decisions and And Your Point Is.

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Michael J. Carrasquillo

Michael J. Carrasquillo (June 5, 1977 United States of America-) also known as Michael Carrasquillo is an American , .

Genres he performed include Alternative rock and Industrial rock.

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Logan Whitehurst

Logan Whitehurst (November 15, 1977 California-December 3, 2006) a.k.a. Whitehurst, Logan was an American , .

Genres he performed include Alternative rock and Geek rock.

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Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo (August 25, 1977 Rockland-) otherwise known as Jonathan Frederick Togo, Jon Togo or Jon is an American actor and musician.

Togo is widely recognized for his role as Ryan Wolfe on the popular police procedural drama series "CSI: Miami." He began his acting career in the late 1990s and has since appeared in several TV shows and movies, including "Special Unit 2," "Mystic River," and "Covert Affairs."

Aside from acting, Togo is also a skilled musician. He plays guitar and has even formed a band called Band From TV with other TV stars including Hugh Laurie and James Denton. The band performs at various charitable events and has raised millions of dollars for numerous causes.

In addition to his acting and music career, Togo is also an advocate for various social and environmental issues. He has supported causes such as ocean conservation, animal welfare, and the fight against cancer.

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