American musicians born in 1978

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1978:


Sisqó (November 9, 1978 Baltimore-) a.k.a. Sisqo, Sisgo, Mark Andrews, Mark Durell Althavan Andrews, M. Andrews, Mark Althavean Andrews, Dragon or Dru Hill-SisQo is an American record producer, actor, dancer, singer-songwriter, singer and songwriter. He has one child, Shaione Andrews.

His albums: Unleash the Dragon, Return of Dragon, Thong Song, Sisqo, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Sisqó, The Last Dragon, Unleash the Dragon, Incomplete, Last Dragon and A-List. Genres related to him: Rhythm and blues, Contemporary R&B, Hip hop music, Hip Hop, Pop music and Hip hop soul.

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Scott Raynor

Scott Raynor (May 23, 1978 Poway-) also known as Raynor, Scott or Scott William Raynor, Jr. is an American musician, drummer and guitarist.

Genres: Post-punk, Alternative rock, Pop punk, Skate punk and Punk rock.

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Max Collins

Max Collins (August 28, 1978-) also known as Collins, Max or James Maxwell Stuart "Max" Collins III is an American singer, musician, record producer and songwriter.

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Tony Fagenson

Tony Fagenson (July 18, 1978-) a.k.a. Fagenson, Tony or Anthony Edward "Tony" Fagenson is an American record producer, drummer and musician.

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Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken (November 30, 1978 Raleigh-) also known as Clayton Holmes Grissom, clay_aiken, Clayton Holmes Aiken or Aiken, Clay is an American singer, actor, singer-songwriter, tv personality, author, social activist and activist. He has one child, Parker Foster Aiken.

His albums: Measure of a Man, Merry Christmas With Love, A Thousand Different Ways, Look What Love Has Done, Volume 2, Redefined, The Way/Solitaire, All Is Well, All Is Well - Songs for Christmas, On My Way Here and Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken. Genres he performed include Pop music, Pop rock and Contemporary Christian music.

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Justin Guarini

Justin Guarini (October 28, 1978 Columbus-) also known as Justin Eldrin Bell Guarini, Guarini, Justin, Justin Eldrin Bell or JGuar is an American singer-songwriter, actor and television presenter. His children are William Neko Bell Guarini and Asher Orion Guarini.

His most recognized albums: Justin Guarini, Stranger Things Have Happened and Revolve. Genres related to him: Funk, Jazz, Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Soul music.

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Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard (September 12, 1978 Frankfurt-) also known as Rubben Studdard, Reuben Studdard, Ruben Christopher Studdard, Studdard, Ruben, Christopher Theodore Ruben Studdard, Ruu, The Velvet Teddy Bear or Chris is an American singer and actor.

His albums include What If, The Return, American Idol, Soulful, I Need an Angel, Love IS, Playlist: The Very Best of Ruben Studdard, Celebrate Me Home, Letters From Birmingham and What the World Needs Now Is Love. Genres he performed: Pop music, Gospel music and Contemporary R&B.

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Freeway (August 6, 1978 North Philadelphia-) also known as Freeway & Joe Budden, Leslie Pridgen or Leslie Edward Pridgen is an American musician and rapper.

Related albums: Philadelphia Freeway, The Hits Unreleased Freestyles, Roc-A-Fella Billionaires, Free at Last, Philadelphia Freeway 2, Streetz Is Mine, Roc Boys, The Stimulus Package, Diamond in the Ruff and Two Kings. Genres: Hardcore hip hop, Gangsta rap and Hip hop music.

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LaToya London

LaToya London (December 29, 1978 San Francisco-) a.k.a. La Toya London, LaToya Renee London or London, La Toya is an American singer.

Her albums: Love & Life and Appreciate / Every Part of Me / All by Myself (feat. Black Thought from the Roots). Genres she performed: Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Contemporary R&B.

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Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas (August 23, 1978 New York City-) also known as Julian Fernando Casablancas or Casablancas, Julian is an American singer, songwriter and musician. His child is called Cal Casablancas.

Related albums: Phrazes for the Young, I Wish It Was Christmas Today, My Drive Thru and 11th Dimension. Genres he performed include Garage rock, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Synthpop, New Wave and Electronic rock.

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Jess Margera

Jess Margera (August 28, 1978 West Chester-) also known as Jesse Phillip Margera, Jesse Margera, Jess-Jess or Jesse Philip Margera is an American drummer and actor. He has three children, Ava Elizabeth Margera, Scarlett Marie Margera and London Phillip Margera.

Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Rock music, Experimental rock and Technical death metal.

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Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar (February 6, 1978 Marshall-) also known as Sean Tillmann, Sean Na Na or Sean Matthew Tillmann is an American songwriter, singer-songwriter and actor.

His most important albums: You Can Feel Me, The Handler, Har Mar Superstar, Return of the Unicorn, My Majesty, Dance 'til Your Baby is a Man, ...and his Baby Blue, Family Trees Or: CoPe We Must, Body Request and Dark Touches.

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Vanness Wu

Vanness Wu (August 7, 1978 Santa Monica-) otherwise known as 吳建豪, Wu Jian Hao, Vanness, 吴建豪, Van Ness Wu, Wu, Vanness, Wú Jiànháo, Ngô Kiàn-hô, Vanness Wu Jian-Hao, Vanness S. Wu, Ng Kin Ho, Jian Hao Wu or Vann is an American singer, model, songwriter, actor, spokesperson, dancer, businessperson, record producer, film director, voice actor and music artist.

His albums: Body Will Sing, No More Tears, , Vanness: In Between - New Songs & Greatest Hits, Different Man and . Genres: C-pop, Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Pop-rap, Dance music and Hip hop music.

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AJ McLean

AJ McLean (January 9, 1978 West Palm Beach-) a.k.a. Alexander James McLean, A. J. McLean, A.J., A.J. McLean, Alexander James "AJ" McLean, McLean, A.J., Bone or Alex is an American singer, songwriter, actor, musician, dancer and entertainer.

His albums include Have It All, Beneath the Ruins / Hurt, Autumn in Tallinn (remix) / Egoist and Clouds. Genres related to him: Pop music, Pop rock and Contemporary R&B.

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Claudio Sanchez

Claudio Sanchez (March 12, 1978 Nyack-) also known as Prize Fighter Inferno, The or Claudio Paul Sanchez is an American singer, guitarist and actor.

His albums: The Prize Fighter Inferno. Genres he performed: Rock music, Electronic music, Synth rock, Folk rock, Electronica, Progressive rock, Alternative rock, Emo, Heavy metal, Pop punk, Electronic dance music, Experimental rock, Acoustic music, Folktronica, New Prog, Post-hardcore and Alternative metal.

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Nikki McKibbin

Nikki McKibbin (September 28, 1978 Grand Prairie-) also known as Katherine Nicole McKibbin or McKibbin, Nikki is an American singer.

Related albums: Unleashed, Nikki McKibbin, Made It, Here to There Live, Here to There and Inconsolable. Her related genres: Rock music.

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Jason Stollsteimer

Jason Stollsteimer (April 22, 1978 United States of America-) also known as Stollsteimer, Jason is an American singer and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Garage rock, Alternative rock and Indie rock.

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Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline (March 21, 1978 Fresno-) also known as K-Fed, Kevin Earl Federline, Kevin Ferderline or Cletus is an American actor, rapper, singer, dancer and fashion model. His children are called Sean Federline, Jayden James Federline, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline, Kori Madison Federline, Jordan Kay Federline and Peyton Marie Federline.

His albums include Playing with Fire. Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee (December 18, 1978 St. Louis-) also known as Torhi Murphy Lee Harris or Tohri Harper is an American musician, rapper and entrepreneur.

Discography: Da Skool Boy Presents Murphy's Law, Who Says St. Louis Ain't Hip Hop?, Murphy Lee's Sophomore Album, You See Me, My Shoes and Shake Ya Tailfeather. Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Vienna Teng

Vienna Teng (October 3, 1978 Saratoga-) also known as Cynthia Yih Shih or Teng, Vienna is an American singer, singer-songwriter and pianist.

Her albums: Warm Strangers, Waking Hour, Dreaming Through the Noise, 2004-11-22: Schubas, Chicago, IL, USA, Inland Territory, White Light (acoustic version), The Moment Always Vanishing and Aims. Genres she performed include Pop music, Piano rock, Folk music, Baroque pop and Indie folk.

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Nikolai Fraiture

Nikolai Fraiture (November 13, 1978 New York City-) a.k.a. Fraiture, Nikolai or Nikolai Philippe Fraiture is an American bassist and musician.

Genres: Rock music.

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James Valentine

James Valentine (January 5, 1978 Lincoln-) also known as James Burgon Valentine is an American guitarist and musician.

Genres related to him: Funk, Pop music, Rock music, Pop rock, Funk rock and Alternative rock.

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Kimberly Goss

Kimberly Goss (February 15, 1978 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as Goss, Kimberly is an American singer and musician.

Her related genres: Heavy metal, Power metal, Melodic death metal, Gothic metal, Symphonic metal, Death metal, Progressive metal and Black metal.

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Karen O

Karen O (November 22, 1978 Busan-) a.k.a. Karen Orzolek, O, Karen or Karen Lee Orzolek is an American singer and musician.

Her albums: Immigrant Song, Hello Tomorrow (Adidas version), KO at Home, The Moon Song, Where the Wild Things Are, Crush Songs and Live From Crush Palace. Genres she performed: Indie rock, Art rock, Art punk and Alternative rock.

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Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart (March 2, 1978 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as Stewart, Jamie, James "Jamie" Cyrus Stewart or James Cyrus Stewart is an American singer, musician and record producer.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Electronica and Experimental rock.

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Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning (November 6, 1978 Tucson-) otherwise known as Boomkat is an American actor, fashion designer, businessperson and singer-songwriter.

Her most recognized albums: Send Me Your Love, Freedom City, So Talented, Spotlight, Turn It Up, Summer Ashes and Send Me Your Love (KDrew remix). Genres related to her: Rock music and Pop music.

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Tim McIlrath

Tim McIlrath (November 3, 1978 Indianapolis-) otherwise known as McIlrath, Tim, Timothy McIlrath, Timothy James McIlrath, Tim, Timothy "Tim" James McIlrath or James Kaspar is an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, lyricist, singer-songwriter, composer and activist.

Genres he performed include Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Melodic hardcore, Emo and Alternative rock.

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Branden Steineckert

Branden Steineckert (April 21, 1978 Pocatello-) also known as Steineckert, Branden is an American drummer.

Genres he performed include Ska, Punk rock and Post-hardcore.

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Jesse Leach

Jesse Leach (July 3, 1978 United States of America-) also known as Leach, Jesse or Jesse David Leach is an American singer and record producer.

Genres: Heavy metal, Metalcore, Hard rock, Southern rock and Groove metal.

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Lisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub (December 27, 1978 Toronto-) is an American actor, writer and child actor.

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Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek (June 23, 1978 Brooklyn-) also known as Bleek, Malik Thuston Patrick Cox or Malik Cox is an American record producer, actor, rapper, artist, businessperson, musician and music artist.

His albums include Coming of Age, The Understanding, M.A.D.E., 534, The Process, Round Here and StreetSweepers Presents Papoose & Memphis Bleek Bedstuy: Do or Die. Genres he performed include East Coast hip hop and Hip hop music.

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Travis Stever

Travis Stever (November 25, 1978-) otherwise known as Stever, Travis is an American musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Progressive rock and Alternative rock.

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Countess Vaughn

Countess Vaughn (August 8, 1978 Idabel-) otherwise known as Countess Daniel Vaughn, Countess Vaughn James or Countess Danielle Vaughn is an American actor, singer and voice actor. She has two children, Jaylen James and Aniyah Vaughn.

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Tim Foreman

Tim Foreman (August 15, 1978 Lake Arrowhead-) a.k.a. Foreman, Tim, Timothy David Foreman, Timmy Ninja, Tim, Timmy or Timo is an American bassist and musician. He has two children, Jett Foreman and Layla Foreman.

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Diplo (November 10, 1978 Tupelo-) also known as Thomas Wesley Pentz, Wesley Pentz, DJ. Diplo, Diplodocus or Thomas Pentz is an American disc jockey, record producer, songwriter and rapper. He has one child, Lockett Pentz.

His albums include FabricLive.24, Florida, Diplo Rhythm, Piracy Funds Terrorism Volume 1, Decent Work for Decent Pay, Blow Your Head: Diplo Presents Dubstep, Favela on Blast: Rio Baile Funk 04, Favela Strikes Back, Live Session EP and I Like Turtles. Genres he performed: Electronic music, Trip hop, Electronic dance music, Dubstep, Psychedelic music, Reggae, House music, Funk carioca, Hip hop music, Electro house, Reggae fusion, Moombahton, Dancehall and Trap music.

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Shawnna (January 3, 1978 Chicago-) also known as Shawna, Rashawnna Isa Guy, Rashawnna Guy or Queen of Chicago is an American singer-songwriter and rapper.

Discography: Block Music, Gettin' Some, Worth Tha Weight, Mr. Radio, Battle of the Sexes, Changing the Game, Big Booty Judy and Shake That Sh**. Genres she performed include Rhythm and blues and Hip hop music.

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David Hodges

David Hodges (December 5, 1978 Little Rock-) also known as Hodges, David or Hodges is an American singer, musician, songwriter, record producer, keyboard player and composer.

His most recognized albums: The Rising. Genres: Alternative rock, Christian music, Alternative metal, Electronica, Electronic dance music, Rock music and Pop music.

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Sam McCandless

Sam McCandless (January 28, 1978-) a.k.a. McCandless, Sam is an American musician and drummer.

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Benjamin Burnley

Benjamin Burnley (March 10, 1978 Atlantic City-) also known as Benjamin Burnley, Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV or Ben Burnley is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter, composer and lyricist.

Genres he performed include Post-grunge, Alternative metal, Alternative rock, Nu metal and Hard rock.

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Paul Banks

Paul Banks (May 3, 1978 Clacton-on-Sea-) also known as Paul Julian Banks, Banks, Paul, Julian Plenti or Plenti, Julian is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, musician and lyricist.

His albums include Banks, Julian Plenti Is... Skyscraper and Julian Plenti Lives.... Genres: Indie rock, Alternative rock, Post-punk and Post-punk revival.

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Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz (September 13, 1978 The Bronx-) also known as Swizz Beats, Swiss Beats, K. Dean, Kasseem David Dean or Kaseem Dean is an American record producer, music executive, artist, rapper, disc jockey, fashion designer, composer, musician, visual artist and music artist. He has four children, Kasseem Dean, Jr., Egypt Daoud Dean, Prince Nasir Dean and Nicole Dean.

His albums: G.H.E.T.T.O Stories, It's Me Bitches, Money in the Bank, One Man Band Man, Haute Living, Lord Lord Lord, Throw it Away, Gucci Time, Ima Boss and Move Your Body. His related genres: East Coast hip hop, Hardcore hip hop, Pop-rap, Bounce music, Hip hop music, Pop rock, Alternative hip hop and Experimental music.

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Aaron Fincke

Aaron Fincke (April 22, 1978 Wilkes-Barre-) also known as Aaron Fincke is an American guitarist.

Genres: Alternative metal, Post-grunge and Rock music.

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Skinhead Rob

Skinhead Rob (October 29, 1978 Fresno-) otherwise known as Aston, Rob or The Transplants is an American musician, actor and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Punk rock.

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Benn Jordan

Benn Jordan (October 28, 1978 Georgia-) a.k.a. Benn L. Jordan, Acidwolf, The Flashbulb, Flashbulb, The, Benn Lee Jordan, CHR15TPUNCH3R, DJ ASCII, Dr. Lefty, Dysrythmia, Human Action Network, Lucid32, MC Flashbulb, rapemachine, rnd16, 66x or Q-Bit is an American drummer, film score composer and musician.

His albums: Sleep, Binedump EP, Fly!, Me Touching Dead Air, Programmable Love Songs, Volume One, Legacy: 1995-2005 (Visual Chicago Acid Edition), Réunion, Kirlian Selections, Red Extensions of Me and Resent and the April Sunshine Shed. His related genres: Breakcore, Electronica, Ambient music, Electronic dance music, Jazz, Drum and bass, Intelligent dance music, Acid house, Trip hop, Acid techno, 20th-century classical music and Glitch.

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Mya Byrne

Mya Byrne (March 1, 1978 Boston-) is an American singer and songwriter.

Genres: Volk, Folk music and Americana.

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Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter (December 7, 1978 Detroit-) otherwise known as Kon Artist, Denaun Porter, Denaun, Mr. Porter or Kon Artis is an American record producer, singer and rapper.

Related albums: Po Folks Mixtape and Porter Chops Glasper. His related genres: Hip hop music.

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Mashonda (January 9, 1978 Boston-) otherwise known as Mashonda Tifrere or Shonda is an American record producer, singer-songwriter, songwriter and author. She has one child, Kasseem Dean, Jr..

Her albums: January Joy and The Renovation Series EP. Genres she performed include Contemporary R&B, Hip hop music and Soul music.

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JD Samson

JD Samson (August 4, 1978 Cleveland-) otherwise known as J.D. Samson, Samson, J.D., Jocelyn Samson or JD Samson is an American musician, film producer and songwriter.

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Sam Farrar

Sam Farrar (June 29, 1978 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Farrar, Sam is an American musician and actor.

Genres: Rock music.

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Abel Talamantez

Abel Talamantez (October 16, 1978 Pecos-) also known as Abel Talamántez Mendoza is an American singer and dancer.

His related genres: Cumbia, Pop music and Latin pop.

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