Dutch music stars who deceased at age 59

Here are 11 famous musicians from Netherlands died at 59:

Conrad Busken Huet

Conrad Busken Huet (December 28, 1826 The Hague-May 1, 1886 Paris) was a Dutch writer and novelist.

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Herman Heijermans

Herman Heijermans (December 3, 1864 Rotterdam-November 22, 1924 Zandvoort) a.k.a. Herman Heyermans, Samuel Falkland or Koos Habbema was a Dutch writer, playwright, author, politician, theatre director and novelist.

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Cornelius de Pauw

Cornelius de Pauw (August 18, 1739 Amsterdam-July 5, 1799 Xanten) also known as Cornelius Franciscus de Pauw was a Dutch scientist, writer and philosopher.

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Joep Lange

Joep Lange (September 25, 1954 Nieuwenhagen-July 17, 2014 Ukraine) also known as Joep M. A. Lange or Dr. Joep Lange was a Dutch physician and professor.

He died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Johan Georg Schwartze

Johan Georg Schwartze (October 20, 1814 Amsterdam-August 27, 1874) was a Dutch personality. He had one child, Thérèse Schwartze.

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Chicho Jesurun

Chicho Jesurun (July 10, 1947 Curaçao-December 16, 2006) was a Dutch journalist.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Isidore Goudeket

Isidore Goudeket (August 1, 1883 Amsterdam-July 9, 1943) was a Dutch personality.

He died caused by murder.

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Mariska Veres

Mariska Veres (October 1, 1947 The Hague-December 2, 2006 The Hague) a.k.a. Veres, Mariska was a Dutch singer and musician.

Her related genres: Psychedelic rock, Pop music and Jazz.

She died as a result of cancer.

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Betsie ten Boom

Betsie ten Boom (August 19, 1885 Amsterdam-December 16, 1944) was a Dutch homemaking and bookkeeper.

She died in pernicious anemia.

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Johan Maurits Mohr

Johan Maurits Mohr (August 18, 1716 Eppingen-October 25, 1775) was a Dutch astronomer.

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Heinrich Wullschlägel

Heinrich Wullschlägel (February 1, 1805-March 29, 1864) was a Dutch botanist.

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