Japanese actors died because of Liver failure

Here are 3 famous actors from Japan died in Liver failure:

Toshiya Fujita

Toshiya Fujita (January 16, 1932 Pyongyang-August 29, 1997 Shinjuku) also known as Fujita Toshiya, Shigeya Fujita, Shigaya Fujita or Shigeo Fujita was a Japanese screenwriter, film director, actor and pornographic film actor.

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Toshiro Mayuzumi

Toshiro Mayuzumi (February 20, 1929 Yokohama-April 10, 1997 Kawasaki) also known as Toshirô Mayuzumi or Mayuzumi Toshiro was a Japanese film score composer, composer and actor. He had one child, Rintaro Mayuzumi.

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Hiroshi Tsuburaya

Hiroshi Tsuburaya (March 8, 1964 Setagaya-July 24, 2001 Sagamihara) also known as 円谷 浩 or 円谷 寛 was a Japanese actor.

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