Moroccan musicians died when they were 50

Here are 1 famous musicians from Morocco died at 50:

Ibn Tumart

Ibn Tumart (April 5, 1080 Anti-Atlas-August 20, 1130 Tinmel) was a Moroccan writer.

He is best known as the founder of the Almohad movement, a religious and political movement that would later become a dynasty that ruled over North Africa and Spain for nearly a century. Born into a Berber tribe in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Ibn Tumart received a traditional Islamic education and later traveled extensively throughout the Islamic world. In the late 11th century, he returned to Morocco and began preaching a puritanical and reformist message that rejected the Islamic teachings of the ruling Almoravid dynasty. His teachings eventually gained a large following, and in 1125 he led a successful revolt against the Almoravids. Over the next several years, he established the Almohad movement as a powerful political and religious force in North Africa. Despite his early successes, Ibn Tumart died relatively young and did not live to see the full extent of the Almohad empire. Nevertheless, his ideas would continue to shape the Islamic world for centuries to come.

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