Cuban music stars who deceased at age 68

Here are 5 famous musicians from Cuba died at 68:

Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo

Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo (November 2, 1910 Havana-December 13, 1978 Mexico City) also known as Óscar O. de Piñedo was a Cuban actor, comedian, producer, film director and writer. His child is called Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

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Miguel Benavides

Miguel Benavides (September 10, 1939 Manzanillo-July 14, 2008 Manzanillo) also known as Miguel Orestes Benavides Suárez was a Cuban actor.

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Sergio Corrieri

Sergio Corrieri (March 3, 1939 Havana-February 29, 2008 Havana) also known as Sergio Lucio Corrieri Hernández was a Cuban actor and theatre director.

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Ernesto Lecuona

Ernesto Lecuona (August 6, 1895 Guanabacoa-November 29, 1963 Santa Cruz de Tenerife) a.k.a. Ernesto Lecuona y Casado, Ernesto Lecvona or Ernesto Sixto de la Asunción Lecuona y Casado was a Cuban composer, pianist, film score composer and actor.

His albums: , The Ultimate Collection and Always in My Heart (Siempre en mi corazón): The Songs of Ernesto Lecuona.

He died in asthma.

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Heberto Padilla

Heberto Padilla (January 20, 1932 Consolación del Sur-September 25, 2000 Auburn) also known as Herberto Padilla or Heberto Juan Padilla was a Cuban poet. He had one child, Ernesto Padilla.

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