American music stars died in Arteriosclerosis

Here are 2 famous musicians from United States of America died in Arteriosclerosis:

Cliff Edwards

Cliff Edwards (June 14, 1895 Hannibal-July 17, 1971 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Clifton A. Edwards, Ukulele Ike, Cliff 'Ukelele Ike' Edwards, Cliff 'Ukulele Ike' Edwards, Ciff 'Ukulele Ike' Edwards or Ukelele Ike was an American singer, actor and voice actor.

His albums include Singing in the Rain, 1930's Radio Transcriptions, Singin' in the Rain, The Vintage Recordings of Cliff Edwards, Good Little, Bad Little You / Me and the Man in the Moon, Mr. Insurance Man / When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go, I'm a Bear in a Lady's Boudoir, Ukulele Ike Sings Again and When You Wish Upon a Star. Genres: Jazz.

Cliff Edwards got his start in the entertainment industry as a vaudeville performer, where he earned the nickname "Ukulele Ike" due to his talent playing the ukulele. He then went on to have a successful career in Hollywood, appearing in multiple films including "Hollywood Revue of 1929" and "Pinocchio." Edwards also lent his voice to many cartoon characters, including Jiminy Cricket in "Pinocchio" and "Fun and Fancy Free."

In addition to his entertainment career, Edwards had a colorful personal life. He was married several times and struggled with addiction throughout his life, which ultimately led to financial difficulties. Despite these challenges, he is remembered as a talented performer who left a lasting impact on the music and entertainment industry.

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Leonard Marx

Leonard Marx (March 22, 1887 New York City-October 11, 1961 Hollywood) also known as Chico Marx, Leonard "Chico" Marx or Chico was an American actor, comedian and bandleader. His child is Maxine Marx.

His albums include Big Bands of Hollywood.

Along with his brothers Groucho, Harpo and Gummo, Chico Marx formed the comedy group the Marx Brothers in the early 1900s. Chico's signature style involved portraying a charming and lovable rogue who would often cheat or swindle his way to get what he wanted. In addition to his comedic talents, Chico was also a skilled musician who played the piano and several other instruments.

Throughout his career, Chico appeared in several films with the Marx Brothers, including "The Cocoanuts", "Animal Crackers", and "Duck Soup". He also starred in a number of solo films, including "The Big Store" and "A Night in Casablanca".

Outside of entertainment, Chico was an avid gambler and was known for his love of cards. He often incorporated his gambling interests into his comedy routines and was even accused of cheating by some of his fellow performers. Despite his reputation as a gambler, Chico was also known for his charity work and frequently donated money to various causes throughout his life.

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