American music stars died in Cardiopulmonary Arrest

Here are 3 famous musicians from United States of America died in Cardiopulmonary Arrest:

Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry (August 19, 1921 El Paso-October 24, 1991 Santa Monica) also known as Robert Wesley, Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry, Great Bird of the Galaxy, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Roddenberry, Gene or The Great Bird of the Galaxy was an American television producer, writer, actor, futurist, pilot, screenwriter, police officer and film producer. He had three children, Darleen Anita Roddenberry-Bacha, Dawn Roddenberry Compton and Rod Roddenberry.

He is best known for creating the science fiction television series Star Trek, which has since become a cultural phenomenon. Roddenberry served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II and later became a commercial pilot. He began his career in the entertainment industry as a scriptwriter for various television series in the 1950s. In the 1960s, he created Star Trek and served as its head writer and executive producer. The series initially struggled with low ratings but eventually gained a dedicated fan base, leading to multiple spin-offs and feature films.

Roddenberry was known for promoting progressive social and political messages in his work, including racial and gender equality, pacifism, and humanism. He was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After his death in 1991, his ashes were taken into space by Space Services Inc. as part of a memorial spaceflight.

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Merle Travis

Merle Travis (November 29, 1917 Rosewood, Kentucky-October 20, 1983 Tahlequah) also known as Mearle Travis, Travis, Merle, Merle Robert Travis, Merle Travis and His Bronco Busters, Merl Travis or Travis, Merl was an American singer, musician, songwriter and guitarist. He had one child, Thom Bresh.

His discography includes: Folk Songs of the Hills / Back Home / Songs of the Coal Mines, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 1, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 2, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 3, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 4, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 5, The Best of Merle Travis 1946-1953, The Best of Merle Travis, The Guitar Player and The Merle Travis Story: 24 Greatest Hits. Genres he performed include Country, Blues, Americana, Gospel music and Western swing.

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David Frye

David Frye (November 21, 1933 Brooklyn-January 24, 2011 Las Vegas) otherwise known as David Shapiro was an American comedian and actor.

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