Belarusian musicians died at 60

Here are 1 famous musicians from Belarus died at 60:

Ivan Kozlov

Ivan Kozlov (April 22, 1779-February 11, 1840) was a Belarusian personality.

He was known for his contributions to the fields of natural history and chemistry. Kozlov was a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and served as the director of the Botanical Garden in Minsk. He was also a professor of chemistry and natural history at the University of Vilnius. Kozlov is best known for his studies on the flora and fauna of Belarus, which led to the discovery of many new species. Additionally, he developed a method for the bleaching of linen using hydrogen peroxide, which became widely used in the textile industry. Kozlov was highly regarded by his colleagues and students for his knowledge, dedication, and passion for science.

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