American music stars died in HIV/AIDS

Here are 39 famous musicians from United States of America died in HIV/AIDS:

Robbin Crosby

Robbin Crosby (August 4, 1959 La Jolla-June 6, 2002 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Crosby, Robbin, Robb Lantz Crosby or King was an American musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Glam metal and Heavy metal.

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Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson (November 17, 1925 Winnetka-October 2, 1985 Beverly Hills) also known as Leroy Harold Scherer, Jr., Hudson, Leroy, Mr Beefcake, Roy Harold Scherer, Jr., Rock Pyle, Roy Harold Scherer Jr., Roy Harold Fitzgerald, Fitz, Roy or Roc Hudson was an American actor.

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Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins (April 4, 1932 New York City-September 12, 1992 Hollywood) also known as Tony, Tony Perkins or Perkins was an American actor, musician, singer, minister and film director. He had two children, Elvis Perkins and Oz Perkins.

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Lance Loud

Lance Loud (June 26, 1951 La Jolla-December 22, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Alanson Russell Loud or Alanson Russell 'Lance' Loud was an American writer and musician.

Genres: New Wave.

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Michael Jeter

Michael Jeter (August 26, 1952 Lawrenceburg-March 30, 2003 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Michael Jeeter, Mike Jeter or Jeter, Michael was an American actor.

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David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz (September 14, 1954 Red Bank-July 22, 1992 New York City) otherwise known as Wojnarowicz, David or D. Wojnarowicz was an American writer, artist, visual artist, performer, filmmaker, photographer and painter.

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Howard Ashman

Howard Ashman (May 17, 1950 Baltimore-March 14, 1991 New York City) also known as Howard Elliot Ashman or Ashman, Howard was an American musician, lyricist, librettist, playwright, screenwriter, film producer and film score composer.

His albums include Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

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Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey (January 5, 1931 Rogers-December 1, 1989 Manhattan) a.k.a. Alvin Ailey Jr. or Ailey, Alvin was an American dancer and choreographer.

His albums: Revelations.

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Tom Fogerty

Tom Fogerty (November 9, 1941 Berkeley-September 6, 1990 Scottsdale) also known as Thomas Richard, Tom, Fogerty, Thomas Richard Fogerty or Thomas Fogerty was an American musician, songwriter, guitarist and singer.

His albums: The Very Best Of, Sidekicks, Zephyr National, Tom Fogerty, Excalibur, Myopia, Precious Gems and Deal It Out. Genres he performed: Rock music, Blues rock, Roots rock, Southern rock, Rock and roll, Swamp pop and Country rock.

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Larry Kert

Larry Kert (December 5, 1930 Los Angeles-June 5, 1991 New York City) also known as Frederick Lawrence, Frederick Lawrence Kert or Kert, Larry was an American singer, actor and dancer.

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Patrick Cowley

Patrick Cowley (October 19, 1950 Buffalo-November 12, 1982 San Francisco) a.k.a. Cowley, Patrick was an American , .

His albums: Mind Warp, 12 by 12: The Patrick Cowley Collection, Megatron Man, Menergy, The Ultimate Collection, Burn Brighter Flame, Catholic, Do You Wanna Funk, School Daze and Automan 12. Genres he performed include Electronic music, Hi-NRG, Experimental music, Dance music and Synthpop.

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Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson (March 19, 1953 Athens-October 12, 1985 New York City) otherwise known as Wilson, Ricky, Ricky Helton Wilson or The B-52s was an American musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

His related genres: New Wave, Rock music, Pop rock, Post-punk and Pop music.

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Leonard Frey

Leonard Frey (September 4, 1938 Brooklyn-August 24, 1988 New York City) also known as Frey, Leonard was an American actor.

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Scott Ross

Scott Ross (March 1, 1951 Pittsburgh-June 13, 1989) also known as Ross, Scott was an American harpsichordist.

Related albums: Goldberg Variations, Goldberg variations BWV 988, 6 Partitas, L'Art de Scott Ross, Fandango / 9 Sonates, Toccatas, Complete Keyboard Works, , Le Clavier bien tempéré, livre II (feat. harpsichord: Scott Ross) and Italian Concerto / Chromatic fantasia and fugue / Overture in the French Style / 4 Duette.

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Howard Greenfield

Howard Greenfield (March 15, 1936 Brooklyn-March 4, 1986 Los Angeles) was an American songwriter.

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John Sex

John Sex (April 8, 1956 United States of America-October 24, 1990) was an American singer.

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Jeffrey Mylett

Jeffrey Mylett (June 8, 1949 North Canton-May 7, 1986 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jeff Mylett or Jeffrey Martin Mylett was an American actor and songwriter.

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Calvin Hampton

Calvin Hampton (December 31, 1938 Kittanning-August 5, 1984 Port Charlotte) was an American , .

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Paul Giovanni

Paul Giovanni (February 11, 2015-June 17, 1990 New York) was an American singer, musician, actor, playwright, theatre director and film score composer.

His albums include The Wicker Man.

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Lonnie Pitchford

Lonnie Pitchford (October 8, 1955-November 8, 1998 Lexington) a.k.a. Pitchford, Lonnie was an American singer and musician.

Related albums: All Around Man.

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Nicholas Schaffner

Nicholas Schaffner (January 28, 1953 Manhattan-August 28, 1991 New York City) was an American , .

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Kenny Greene

Kenny Greene (January 17, 1969-October 1, 2001 New York City) was an American singer, record producer and singer-songwriter.

His related genres: Rhythm and blues and Soul music.

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Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs (June 22, 1930 New York City-September 25, 1983 New York City) also known as Jacobs, Paul was an American pianist and teacher.

Related albums: The Legendary Busoni Recordings, Paul Jacobs Plays Blues, Ballads & Rags, Preludes for Piano, Books I & II, Piano Music, Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello & Harpsichord / Cello Sonata / Double Concerto and Etudes for Piano, Books I & II.

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Wade Nichols

Wade Nichols (October 28, 1955 Freeport-January 28, 1985) also known as Dennis Parker or Parker, Dennis was an American pornographic film actor, actor and audio engineer.

His albums include Like an Eagle.

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Steven Grossman

Steven Grossman (September 1, 1951 Brooklyn-June 23, 1991) was an American singer.

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Willi Ninja

Willi Ninja (April 12, 1961 Middletown-September 2, 2006 Queens) otherwise known as William Roscoe Leake or William R. Leake was an American actor.

His albums include Hot.

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Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman (December 8, 1950 Harrisburg-March 22, 1994 Westport) also known as Hartman Dan, Daniel Earl Hartman or Hartman, Dan was an American record producer, songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboard player.

His discography includes: I Can Dream About You, Keep the Fire Burnin', Instant Replay, Instant Replay, Vertigo / Relight My Fire, Relight My Fire, It Hurts to Be in Love, Relight My Fire, New Green Clear Blue and Images. His related genres: Disco, Pop music, Hard rock, Dance-pop, Blues rock, New Wave, Blue-eyed soul and Rhythm and blues.

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Sylvester (September 6, 1947 Watts-December 16, 1988 San Francisco) also known as Sylvester James or Sylverster was an American singer, drag queen and musician.

His albums: Step II, 12 x 12 Collection, Sylvester / Step II, The Original Hits, Call Me, Rock the Box, Sell My Soul, M-1015, All I Need and Stars. His related genres: Hi-NRG, Soul music, Disco, Funk, Dance music and Rhythm and blues.

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Jermaine Stewart

Jermaine Stewart (September 7, 1957 Columbus-March 17, 1997 Homewood) also known as Jeremaine Stewart, Jermane Stewart, Jermaine Stuart, William Jermaine Stewart or Stewart, Jermaine was an American singer, actor, musician, singer-songwriter and dancer.

His albums include Frantic Romantic, Get Lucky, The Word Is Out, Say It Again, What Becomes a Legend Most?, Set Me Free, We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off, Attention: A Tribute to Jermaine Stewart and Say It Again. Genres he performed include New Wave, Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Dance music, Funk, Funk rock and Contemporary R&B.

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Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell (May 21, 1951 Oskaloosa-April 4, 1992 New York City) also known as Dinosaur L, Indian Ocean, Loose Joints, Killer Whale, Dinosaur, Loose Jointz, Russell, Arthur or Charles Arthur Russell, Jr. was an American record producer, singer, musician, composer and cellist.

His albums include Another Thought, Calling Out of Context, World of Echo, Is It All Over My Face, Springfield, School Bell / Treehouse, First Thought Best Thought, Kiss Me Again, Desert Rain and Jhini. Genres related to him: Jazz, Rock music, Minimalism, Disco, Fusion, Experimental music, Power pop, New Wave, Avant-garde music and Post-disco.

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Michael Callen

Michael Callen (April 11, 1955 Rising Sun-December 27, 1993 Los Angeles) also known as Callen, Michael was an American writer, songwriter, singer and actor.

His albums include Legacy.

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Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt (August 17, 1951 The Bronx-January 7, 1992 New York City) a.k.a. Janice, Jim Henson's Muppets or The Muppets was an American puppeteer, voice actor, comedian and actor.

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Eazy-E (September 7, 1963 Compton-March 26, 1995 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Easy-E, Eazy E, Easy E, EAZY - E, Eric Wright, Eric Lynn Wright, N.W.A. or E. Wright was an American record producer, rapper and songwriter. He had three children, Erin Bria Wright, Dominick Wright and Daijah Wright.

His albums: We Want Eazy (remix) / Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn, Still Compton Style, Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin’ Compton, Eternal E, It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa, 5150: Home 4 tha Sick, Eazy-Duz-It, Featuring… Eazy‐E, Eazy‐Duz‐It / 5150: Home 4 tha Sick and The Boyz in the Hood. Genres: West Coast hip hop, G-funk, Gangsta rap, Hip hop music and Old-school hip hop.

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Jobriath (December 14, 1946 Philadelphia-August 3, 1983 Manhattan) also known as Bruce Wayne Campbell or Cole Berlin was an American singer.

His albums include Lonely Planet Boy, I Love a Good Fight, Creatures of the Street and Jobriath. Genres: Glam rock, Rock music, Folk music and Country rock.

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Ray Gillen

Ray Gillen (May 12, 1959 New York City-December 1, 1993 New York City) was an American songwriter, singer, singer-songwriter and musician.

His discography includes: 5th Anniversary Memorial Tribute. Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Blues rock and Glam metal.

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Tom Eyen

Tom Eyen (August 14, 1940 Cambridge-May 26, 1991 Palm Beach) was an American playwright, screenwriter, theatre director and lyricist.

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Warren Casey

Warren Casey (April 20, 1935 New York City-November 8, 1988 Chicago) was an American writer, actor, lyricist, composer and librettist.

His most well known albums: Grease: The Musical, Grease (1972 original Broadway cast), Grease (version oficial en español), Grease (Toronto Musical Revue), Grease: Das Musical, Grease (1994 Broadway revival cast), Grease (1993 original London cast), Grease, El show de terror de Rocky (1976 Mexican cast) and .

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Liberace (May 16, 1919 West Allis-February 4, 1987 Palm Springs) also known as Wladziu Valentino Liberace, The Glitter Man, Lee, Mr. Showmanship, Lee Liberace, Walter Liberace, Walter Busterkeys, Vładziu or Walter was an American pianist, actor and singer.

His discography includes: The Best of Liberace, Super Hits, Liberace - Concert Favorites, Best of Liberace (disc 1), 16 Most Requested Songs, Concert by Candlelight, As Time Goes By, Christmas with Liberace, Liberace's Greatest Hits and What Now My Love.

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Bobby Debarge

Bobby Debarge (March 5, 1956 Grand Rapids-August 16, 1995 Milan) also known as Bobby DeBarge, Robert Louis "Bobby" DeBarge, Jr., Bobby or Robert Louis DeBarge Jr. was an American singer, singer-songwriter and musician. He had two children, Bobby DeBarge Jr. and Christian DeBarge.

Genres he performed: Soul music and Rhythm and blues.

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