American music stars died in Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Here are 1 famous musicians from United States of America died in Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis:

Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet (November 26, 1933 Lawrence-October 30, 2007 Los Angeles) also known as Robert Gerard Goulet was an American singer, actor and voice actor. He had three children, Nicolette Goulet, Christopher Goulet and Michael Goulet.

His most well known albums: Greatest Hits, 36 All-Time Favorites, A Personal Christmas Collection, 16 Most Requested Songs, Wonderful World of Christmas, My Love, Forgive Me / Sincerely Yours, Camelot (1960 original Broadway cast) and Robert Goulet Sings. Genres he performed: Vocal music and Show tune.

Robert Goulet began his career in entertainment in the early 1950s as a radio singer. He first gained national attention in 1960, when he originated the role of Sir Lancelot in the popular Broadway musical Camelot. This role earned him a Tony Award and helped to establish him as one of the leading Broadway performers of his time.

In addition to his work on the stage, Goulet also appeared in a number of films and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his notable screen roles include performances in the films Beetlejuice and Toy Story 2, as well as appearances on popular TV shows such as The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

In his later years, Goulet continued to perform and tour extensively, both as a solo artist and as part of various musical revues. He was also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting a range of charitable causes throughout his life.

Goulet passed away in 2007 at the age of 73, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most beloved and talented performers of his generation.

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