American music stars died in Kidney disease

Here are 2 famous musicians from United States of America died in Kidney disease:

Ada Brown

Ada Brown (May 1, 1890 Kansas City-March 21, 1950 Kansas City) was an American singer and actor.

Genres she performed include Blues.

Ada Brown, born as Ada Mozelle Brown, began her showbiz career in a song-and-dance vaudeville act with her sister named "Brownie and the Baby." She then went on to perform and record with well-known musicians such as Cab Calloway, Fletcher Henderson, and Earl Hines.

In 1925, Ada made her Broadway debut in the musical "Plantation Revue." She later appeared in the film "St. Louis Blues" (1939) alongside legendary musician W.C. Handy.

Despite her successful career, Ada often faced discrimination due to her race and gender. In 1947, she testified before the President's Committee on Civil Rights, sharing her experiences facing racism in the entertainment industry.

Ada Brown's music has been regarded as a precursor to rhythm and blues and she is credited with popularizing the "hokum" style of blues. She passed away in her hometown in 1950.

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Valjean (November 19, 1934 Shattuck-February 10, 2003 Shattuck) also known as Valjean Johns, Val Johns or Val G. Johns was an American musician, pianist and composer.

His albums: Mashin' The "Classicks".

Valjean began his music career in the 1950s, performing with a variety of bands and as a solo act. He became known for his unique style of blending classical music with boogie-woogie and jazz. In the 1960s, he formed his own band and began touring extensively. He also started composing his own music and released his first album, "Mashin' The 'Classicks'" in 1967. The album featured his arrangements of classical music pieces such as Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" and Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" with a twist of jazz and boogie-woogie. Valjean continued to release albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s, gaining popularity both in the United States and in Europe. He was known for his energetic and entertaining live performances, often performing on two pianos at once. Valjean passed away in his hometown of Shattuck, Oklahoma in 2003, leaving behind a legacy of innovative and enjoyable music.

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