Angolan music stars died before age 18

Here are 1 famous musicians from Angola died before 18:

António Dias Cardoso

António Dias Cardoso (April 5, 2015-June 24, 2006) was an Angolan politician.

António Dias Cardoso was born in Luanda, Angola and was a member of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). During his political career, he held various high-ranking positions in the Angolan government including Minister of Communications, Minister of Information, and Chief of Staff to the President. Cardoso was known for his strong support of the MPLA and his role in the country's struggle for independence from Portugal. His contributions to Angola's political landscape were recognized posthumously, with the Angolan government naming a street in Luanda after him.

In addition to his political roles, António Dias Cardoso was also a prominent journalist and writer. He founded several newspapers and magazines, including the influential newspaper Jornal de Angola, which became the official newspaper of the MPLA. Cardoso also authored several books on Angolan politics and history, including "Angola: Political and Military History" and "Angola: Independence and Post-colonial Conflicts."

Cardoso's dedication to the MPLA and his contributions to Angola's struggle for independence made him a revered figure in the country's history. His legacy has been celebrated through various tributes and honors, including the António Dias Cardoso Prize for Journalism, which is awarded annually to journalists in Angola. Despite passing away over a decade ago, Cardoso's impact on Angolan politics and journalism can still be felt today.

He died caused by prostate cancer.

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