Argentine actors who were born in 1978

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1978:

Berta Muñiz

Berta Muñiz (July 21, 1978 Buenos Aires-) also known as Sebastián "Berta" Muñiz or Sebastián Muñiz is an Argentine actor, film producer, screenwriter and cinematographer.

He is most known for his work on the Argentine films "El Otro Lado de la Cama", "Dios los Cría" and "Las Viudas de los Jueves". Muñiz began his career as an actor in the theater, performing in several plays in Buenos Aires. He later transitioned to film, where he became known for his versatile acting abilities and creative production work. In addition to his work in the film industry, Muñiz has also written and directed several short films and documentaries. He continues to work on various film projects, as well as pursuing his passion for photography and painting.

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Pablo Parés

Pablo Parés (August 28, 1978 Haedo, Buenos Aires Province-) is an Argentine screenwriter, cinematographer, film director, actor, film producer and film editor.

He is best known for his work in the horror and sci-fi genres. Parés began his filmmaking career in 1998 with the short film "Plaga Zombie," which he co-wrote, co-directed, and co-produced. The film became a cult classic in Argentina and led to two sequels, which Parés also directed.

In 2009, Parés co-directed and co-wrote the feature film "The Last Gateway," which premiered at the Sitges Film Festival. He also worked as a cinematographer on the film.

Parés has since directed several feature films, including "I'll See You In My Dreams" (2016) and "Area 51" (2015). In addition to his film work, Parés has also directed music videos, TV commercials, and web series.

He is known for his innovative approach to filmmaking, often using low budget techniques to create visually stunning films. Parés has won several awards for his work, including the Best Director award at the 2021 Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema for his film "Miserere."

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Mariano Martínez

Mariano Martínez (December 5, 1978 La Boca, Buenos Aires-) also known as Mariano Gastón Martínez or Marian is an Argentine model and actor. He has two children, Olivia Martínez Giambroni and Milo Martínez.

Mariano Martínez began his career as a model at the young age of 13. He gained immense popularity in the late 1990s for his role in the Argentine teen drama series "Chiquititas" (Little Girls), which ran for four seasons. He has acted in various television dramas including "Los Simuladores" (The Pretenders), "Valientes" (Brave Ones), and "Esperanza Mía" (Hope of Mine).

Apart from acting, Martínez is also a talented musician and plays the guitar. He formed a band in 2013 called "Mariano Martínez y la máquina de hacer pájaros" (Mariano Martínez and the bird-making machine) and released an album with the same name.

Martínez has also been involved in various humanitarian causes. He is the founder of "Sonrisas Dulces" (Sweet Smiles), a non-profit organization that provides assistance to children with disabilities. He is also a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in Argentina and has actively participated in campaigns to end violence against children.

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Germán Magariños

Germán Magariños (May 13, 1978 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Germán Martín Magariños or Alan Smithee is an Argentine film director, film editor, actor and screenwriter.

Germán Magariños is best known for his work on the films "El Delfín: La Historia de un Soñador" (2009), "Voley" (2014) and "Las Vegas" (2018). He started his career in the film industry as a child actor in the 1980s, appearing in several Argentine TV shows and films.

After studying film at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Magariños began working as a film editor and later transitioned to directing and screenwriting. He has also acted in a number of films and TV shows throughout his career.

In addition to his film work, Magariños has also directed music videos and commercials for various brands. He is known for his dynamic visual style and his ability to tell compelling stories that resonate with audiences around the world.

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Guido Kaczka

Guido Kaczka (February 2, 1978 Buenos Aires-) also known as Guido Martín Kaczka is an Argentine actor. He has one child, Romeo Kaczka.

In addition to acting, Guido Kaczka is also a television host, producer, and director. He is best known for hosting numerous popular television programs in Argentina, including "Versus," "El Casting de la Tele," and "A Todo o Nada." Kaczka has won several awards for his work on television, including three Martín Fierro Awards, which are considered the most prestigious awards for Argentine television. He has also acted in numerous films, television shows, and theater productions throughout his career. Outside of entertainment, Kaczka is involved with several charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Children's Foundation.

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Alberto Ammann

Alberto Ammann (October 20, 1978 Córdoba-) is an Argentine actor.

He is best known for his work in Spanish-language cinema, television and theatrical productions. Ammann's breakthrough role came in the 2009 film "Cell 211", which earned him critical acclaim and several award nominations. He has since appeared in a number of successful Spanish-language films, including "Lope", "Marsella" and "Cien años de perdón", as well as international productions such as "Narcos" and "The Invisible Guardian". Ammann is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian, and has been praised for his versatility as an actor. He has won several awards for his performances, including the Goya Award for Best Supporting Actor. Outside of acting, Ammann is a trained economist and holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina.

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