Australian movie stars born in 1966

Here are 12 famous actors from Australia were born in 1966:

Mick Molloy

Mick Molloy (July 11, 1966 Canberra-) a.k.a. Michael Molloy is an Australian presenter, comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, screenwriter, film director, television director, film producer and television producer.

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Andrew Voss

Andrew Voss (September 7, 1966 Sydney-) is an Australian presenter and actor.

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Christopher Truswell

Christopher Truswell (January 31, 1966 Manchester-) a.k.a. Chris Truswell is an Australian actor.

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Vince Colosimo

Vince Colosimo (November 11, 1966 Melbourne-) also known as Vincenzo Colosimo or Vincenzo "Vince" Colosimo is an Australian actor. His child is called Lucia Colosimo.

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Jeremy Sims

Jeremy Sims (January 10, 1966 Perth-) a.k.a. Jeremy Hartley Sims or Jeremy William Hartley is an Australian actor, film director and film producer. He has two children, Frederique Sims and Evelyn Rose Sims.

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Steve Bastoni

Steve Bastoni (March 4, 1966 Rome-) also known as Stephen Bastoni, Steve Baston or Steven Bastoni is an Australian actor. His children are called Valentino Alessandro Bastoni and Roman Edwin Raffaele Bastoni.

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Louis Mandylor

Louis Mandylor (September 13, 1966 Melbourne-) a.k.a. Louis Theodosopoulos or Louie is an Australian actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter, football player and writer.

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Johnny Diesel

Johnny Diesel (May 31, 1966 Fall River-) also known as Diesel, Mark Lizotte, Lizotte, Mark or Mark Denis Lizotte is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, actor and guitarist.

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Tony Butterfield

Tony Butterfield (February 4, 1966 Penrith-) is an Australian actor.

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Mark Occhilupo

Mark Occhilupo (June 16, 1966 Kurnell-) also known as Occy is an Australian surfer and actor.

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Andrew Upton

Andrew Upton (February 1, 1966 Australia-) is an Australian screenwriter, playwright, businessperson, film director, film producer, actor and film editor. He has three children, Dashiell John Upton, Roman Robert Upton and Ignatius Martin Upton.

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Russell Dykstra

Russell Dykstra (December 31, 1966 Brisbane-) otherwise known as Russel Dykstra is an Australian actor.

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