Austrian movie stars died in 1975

Here are 5 famous actors from Austria died in 1975:

Robert Stolz

Robert Stolz (August 25, 1880 Graz-June 27, 1975 Berlin) also known as Roberts Štolcs or Professor Robert Stolz was an Austrian conductor, composer, film score composer, actor and kapellmeister.

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Wilhelm Thiele

Wilhelm Thiele (May 10, 1890 Vienna-September 7, 1975 Woodland Hills) also known as William Thiele, Wilhelm Isersohn or William J. Thiele was an Austrian film director, screenwriter, television director, actor and theatre director. He had three children, John Thiele, Fred Thiele and Doris Thiele.

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Hans Olden

Hans Olden (June 30, 1892 Vienna-January 20, 1975 Lower Austria) also known as Josef Brandl or Josef "Pepi" Brandl was an Austrian actor and singer.

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Louis V. Arco

Louis V. Arco (July 24, 1899 Baden bei Wien-April 3, 1975 Zürich) a.k.a. Lutz Altschul, Lux Altschul, Louis Arco or Victor Arco was an Austrian actor.

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John Mylong

John Mylong (September 27, 1892 Vienna-September 8, 1975 Beverly Hills) also known as Adolf Heinrich Münz, Jack MyLong-coin, Jack Mylong-Muenz, Jack Mylong, Jack Mylong-Munz, John Mylong-Muenz, Jack Mylong Münz, Jack Myong-Münz, John Mylong-Münz, Jack Mylong-Mümz, Jack Mylong-Münz, J. Mylong-Münz, Rolf Münz or John Mylong Münz was an Austrian actor and screenwriter.

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