Argentine actors who deceased at age 78

Here are 4 famous actors from Argentina died at 78:

Pedro López Lagar

Pedro López Lagar (June 18, 1899 Madrid-August 21, 1977 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

He was born in Madrid, Spain, and moved to Argentina with his family when he was 10 years old. López Lagar began his acting career in the 1920s and quickly gained popularity for his performances in theater and film. He appeared in over 60 films during his career, including notable roles in La Guerra Gaucha, El Simpático, and La Edad del Amor. López Lagar was also a prolific actor in television, appearing in numerous series throughout the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to his acting work, López Lagar was also a director and producer, and he helped establish the Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires. He was awarded the Konex Award for his contributions to Argentine theater and film in 1981, four years after his death.

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George Rigaud

George Rigaud (August 11, 1905 Buenos Aires-January 17, 1984 Leganés) a.k.a. Jorge Rigaud, Georges Rigaud, Jorge Regaud, Giorgio Rigatto, Giorgio Rigato, Jorge Rigeaut, Pedro Jorge Rigato Delisset or Pedro Jorge Rigato Delissetche was an Argentine actor.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

Rigaud began his acting career in the 1930s in his native Argentina before moving to Spain in the 1940s. He soon became a prominent figure in Spanish cinema and appeared in over 200 films over the course of his career. He was known for his talent as a character actor and often played supporting roles in popular Spanish films of the time. Some of his most notable roles include appearances in films such as "La Violetera" (1958), "The Yellow Rolls-Royce" (1964), and "The Battle of the Last Panzer" (1969). In addition to his film work, Rigaud also appeared in numerous Spanish television productions over the course of his career. His contributions to the Spanish film industry were recognized with a special honor at the 1982 Goya Awards. Rigaud is remembered as one of the most talented and versatile actors of his time in both Argentina and Spain.

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Hugo Fregonese

Hugo Fregonese (April 8, 1908 Mendoza-January 17, 1987 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine film director, screenwriter and actor. He had two children, John Anthony Fregonese and Diana Maria Fregonese.

Fregonese was born in Mendoza, Argentina, but spent much of his career working in the United States and Europe. He began his career in the film industry as an actor, appearing in several films in Argentina in the 1930s. In the 1940s, he began working as a screenwriter and director, and his films received critical acclaim both in Argentina and internationally.

In the 1950s, Fregonese began working in the United States, directing films for various studios including MGM and Paramount Pictures. He was known for his work in the Western genre, directing films such as "Apache Drums" and "Vengeance Valley". In the 1960s, he returned to Europe where he continued to direct films.

Fregonese was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 1952 for his film "El fango" ("The Mud") and was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Director in 1958 for "Harry Black and the Tiger". He passed away in Buenos Aires in 1987 at the age of 78.

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Tincho Zabala

Tincho Zabala (February 4, 1923 Montevideo-February 23, 2001 Buenos Aires) also known as Martín Pedro Zabalúa Marramoti was an Argentine actor.

He had a long and successful career that spanned over five decades, transitioning from theater to film and television. In 1957, Zabala received the Silver Condor Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film "El Ángel Fue Una Mujer." He also appeared in over 60 films, including "Los Muchachos de Antes No Usaban Gomina" and "Los Guerrilleros." Zabala was also recognized for his work on stage and was awarded the ACE Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the play "M'hijo el Dotor." He continued to act well into his seventies, with his last on-screen appearance in the TV series "Vulnerables" in 2000. Zabala is remembered as one of the most talented actors of his generation and a true icon of Argentine cinema.

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