Argentine actors who deceased in 2001

Here are 5 famous actors from Argentina died in 2001:

Arturo Maly

Arturo Maly (September 6, 1939 Buenos Aires-May 25, 2001 Córdoba Province, Argentina) also known as Arturo Francisco Maly was an Argentine actor. He had two children, Exequiel Maly and Alejandro Maly.

Arturo Maly graduated from the National School of Drama in Argentina and began his acting career in the 1960s. He acted in numerous plays, films, and TV series, gaining recognition for his outstanding performances. Some of his notable works include "Cronica de un Nino Solo", "La Tregua", "El Profesor," and "Los Matinees de Dorian Gray." Along with acting, he was also a well-known theater director and drama teacher in Argentina.

Maly was awarded numerous accolades throughout his career, including the Konex Award for best supporting actor in 1981 and the ACE Award in 1996 for his contribution to the Argentine Theater. He also worked as a dubbing artist and lent his voice to many characters in cartoons, documentaries, and feature films.

Arturo Maly passed away on May 25, 2001, at the age of 61, in Córdoba Province, Argentina, due to complications from a surgery. His contribution to the Argentine entertainment industry is still remembered and celebrated today.

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Ricardo Castro Ríos

Ricardo Castro Ríos (April 2, 1920 Vigo-January 21, 2001 Buenos Aires) also known as Richard Castro Rios or Manuel Francisco Castro Ríos was an Argentine actor.

Castro Ríos began his acting career in Argentina in the 1940s, and quickly gained popularity for his dramatic roles. He became known for his work in theater, film, and television, and was considered one of the most influential actors of his time. Throughout his career, he played a variety of roles, from heroic characters to sinister villains. He was also known for his strong, baritone voice, which he used to great effect in both spoken and sung roles. Outside of his work in entertainment, Castro Ríos was involved in various charitable causes, including efforts to provide aid to victims of natural disasters. He passed away in Buenos Aires in 2001 at the age of 80.

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Homero Cárpena

Homero Cárpena (February 14, 1910 Mar del Plata-January 17, 2001 Mar del Plata) otherwise known as Cárpena Homer was an Argentine actor, screenwriter and film director. His children are called Claudia Cárpena, Nora Cárpena and Elba Cárpena.

Homero Cárpena began his career in theater and later ventured into film in the 1940s. As an actor, he starred in over 100 films and worked with renowned directors such as Luis Buñuel and Mario Soffici. He also wrote and directed several films, including "Después del silencio" and "El tango en París". In addition to his work in film, Cárpena was a prolific television actor, appearing in many popular series and dramas. Cárpena was celebrated for his contributions to Argentine cinema and was awarded numerous accolades throughout his career.

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Antonio Ber Ciani

Antonio Ber Ciani (August 22, 1907 Santa Fe-June 24, 2001 Buenos Aires) also known as Antonio Berciani or Antonio Per Ciani was an Argentine actor, film director and writer.

He began his career in the 1930s, working in various Argentinean theaters and appearing in films. As a director, he directed a number of films in Argentina, including "Susana" in 1951, which was later remade in Mexico. In addition to his work in film, Ber Ciani was also a prolific writer, penning several novels, plays, and essays. His work often tackled social issues and explored themes of injustice, inequality, and poverty. Ber Ciani's contributions to Argentinean cinema and literature have cemented his legacy as a notable cultural figure.

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Tincho Zabala

Tincho Zabala (February 4, 1923 Montevideo-February 23, 2001 Buenos Aires) also known as Martín Pedro Zabalúa Marramoti was an Argentine actor.

He had a long and successful career that spanned over five decades, transitioning from theater to film and television. In 1957, Zabala received the Silver Condor Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film "El Ángel Fue Una Mujer." He also appeared in over 60 films, including "Los Muchachos de Antes No Usaban Gomina" and "Los Guerrilleros." Zabala was also recognized for his work on stage and was awarded the ACE Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the play "M'hijo el Dotor." He continued to act well into his seventies, with his last on-screen appearance in the TV series "Vulnerables" in 2000. Zabala is remembered as one of the most talented actors of his generation and a true icon of Argentine cinema.

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