Argentine actors who died due to Cardiac arrest

Here are 3 famous actors from Argentina died in Cardiac arrest:

Guillermo Battaglia

Guillermo Battaglia (December 7, 1899 Buenos Aires-September 26, 1988 Buenos Aires) otherwise known as Pepito Battaglia was an Argentine actor.

He began his career in the Argentine theater and later transitioned to film in the 1930s. Battaglia became one of the most popular leading men of the Golden Age of Argentine cinema, and he appeared in over 70 films, becoming a prominent figure in the industry. His charming personality and acting talent won him a devoted fan base and critical acclaim. Some of his most famous films include “La Edad del Amor,” “La guerra gaucha” and “Así te quiero”. In addition to acting, Battaglia was also a director and theatrical producer. He had a long and successful career, working in film until his retirement in the 1970s. Battaglia is remembered as one of the greatest actors of the Golden Age of Argentine cinema.

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Duilio Marzio

Duilio Marzio (November 27, 1923 Buenos Aires-July 25, 2013 Buenos Aires) also known as Duilio Bruno Perruccio was an Argentine actor.

He began his career in theater, but later transitioned to film and television. Marzio appeared in more than 50 films, including "La Tregua" (1974), which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He also acted in several telenovelas, including "Celeste" (1991) and "Más allá del horizonte" (1994). In addition to his work on screen, Marzio was a well-respected acting teacher and director. He taught at the School of Dramatic Art of the National General Direction of Cultural Education and directed numerous plays throughout his career. Marzio was known for his commanding presence and intense performances, and is remembered as one of Argentina's most prolific and influential actors.

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Nathán Pinzón

Nathán Pinzón (February 27, 1917 Buenos Aires-August 15, 1993 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Natalio Garfinkel was an Argentine actor and screenwriter.

He began his career in the 1940s, appearing in numerous films and TV shows. Pinzón was known for his versatility in playing both comedic and dramatic roles. He also wrote several screenplays, including for the renowned film "Historia del 900" (1949). Pinzón was a prominent figure in the Argentine film industry and was widely respected for his talent as an actor and writer. He continued to work in the industry until his passing in 1993.

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