Argentine actresses who were born in 1927

Here are 6 famous actresses from Argentina were born in 1927:

Virginia Luque

Virginia Luque (October 4, 1927 Buenos Aires-June 3, 2014 Buenos Aires) also known as Violeta Mabel Domínguez was an Argentine singer and actor.

Luque began her career in the 1940s as a tango singer, performing in various nightclubs and venues in Buenos Aires. She gained popularity with her performances of classic tango songs such as "La Cumparsita" and "El Choclo". In addition to her singing career, Luque also acted in several films in the 1950s and 1960s, including "El Último Organito" and "El Bulín".

Throughout her career, Luque was highly regarded for her vocal technique and interpretation of tango songs. She continued to perform and record music well into her later years, and was honored with several awards for her contributions to Argentine culture. Today, she is remembered as one of the most iconic figures in the history of Argentine tango.

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Silvia Legrand

Silvia Legrand (February 23, 1927 Villa Cañás-) also known as Rosa Aurelia Martínez Suárez, Goldie, María Aurelia Paula Martínez Suárez or Aurelia Martínez Suarez is an Argentine actor. Her children are called Gloria Lopina and Monica Lopina.

Throughout her career, Silvia Legrand has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and theater productions. She began her career in the entertainment industry in the 1940s and quickly became a well-known actress in Argentina. She has worked with some of the top actors and directors in the country, and her performances have won critical acclaim.

Aside from her career in acting, Legrand has also been involved in philanthropy work. She is a supporter of several charitable organizations and has been recognized for her contributions to helping underprivileged children and families.

Despite being in her 90s, Legrand continues to work in the entertainment industry and is considered a living legend in Argentina. Her talent, passion, and dedication to her craft have earned her a place in the hearts of audiences and the admiration of her colleagues.

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Mirtha Legrand

Mirtha Legrand (February 23, 1927 Villa Cañás-) otherwise known as Rosa María Juana Martínez, Chiquita, María Rosa Juana Martínez Suárez, La Chiqui, Chiqui or Rosa María Juana Martínez Suárez is an Argentine actor and presenter. Her children are called Daniel Tinayre and Marcela Tinayre.

She has been a prominent figure in Argentine entertainment for over 70 years, starting her career as a child actress in the 1930s. Mirtha has appeared in numerous films, television programs, and stage productions throughout her career, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. She is best known for her long-running talk show, "Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand," which has been on the air since 1968 and is one of the most popular programs in Argentina. Mirtha has won numerous awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry in Argentina, including several Martín Fierro Awards and a Konex Award for Best Presenter. Despite her age, she continues to work actively in the entertainment industry and enjoys a reputation as one of the most beloved and respected figures in Argentine showbiz.

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Maria Concepcion Cesar

Maria Concepcion Cesar (October 25, 1927 Argentina-) also known as Conchetta or María Concepción Cesarano is an Argentine actor.

She began her acting career in the 1950s and has appeared in numerous movies and television series throughout her career. Some of her notable roles include "La Fiaca" (1969), "El gordo Villanueva" (1974), and "Mala Yerba" (1991).

In addition to her acting work, Cesar is also a trained singer and has performed in musical theater productions in Argentina. She has received several awards throughout her career, including the Argentina Association of Actors Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1975.

Cesar has also been an active member of the Argentine entertainment industry, including serving as the Secretary General of the Argentina Association of Television Actors from 1979-1981. Despite her age, Cesar continues to act and make appearances in various productions.

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Beatriz Thibaudin

Beatriz Thibaudin (August 9, 1927-February 7, 2007 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

She was born in Buenos Aires and began her career at a young age, making her acting debut in theater productions in the 1950s. Thibaudin became a prominent figure in the Argentine film industry throughout the 1960s and 1970s, appearing in a number of popular movies. She earned critical acclaim for her performances, including a Best Actress nomination at the Argentine Association of Critics Awards for her role in the 1969 film "The Uninhibited". Thibaudin also had a successful career in television, starring in several popular series and variety shows. She was known for her versatility as an actress and her ability to play a wide range of roles. Throughout her career, Thibaudin worked alongside some of the most celebrated actors and directors in Argentina. She died in Buenos Aires in 2007 at the age of 79.

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Alba Solís

Alba Solís (October 18, 1927-) also known as Alba Solis, Solís, Alba or Ángela Herminia Lamberti is an Argentine singer, actor and vedette.

She was born in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and began her career in entertainment as a singer in the early 1950s. Solís quickly gained popularity for her sultry voice and seductive performances, which often featured provocative dance routines and revealing costumes.

In addition to her success as a singer, Solís also became a prominent figure in the Argentine theater scene, starring in various productions as a leading actress and comedienne. Her talent and charisma earned her critical acclaim and a significant following both in Argentina and internationally.

Throughout her career, Solís has released numerous albums and singles, and has collaborated with many famous musicians and composers. She has also appeared in several films and TV shows, displaying her versatility as an actress and entertainer.

Despite her age, Solís remains an active performer and continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world with her unique voice and captivating presence.

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