Argentine actresses who deceased in 1962

Here are 1 famous actresses from Argentina died in 1962:

Angelina Pagano

Angelina Pagano (December 3, 1888 Buenos Aires-June 9, 1962 Buenos Aires) otherwise known as Angelina Pagano Augusta Civani was an Argentine actor, educator and theatre director.

She started her career in the arts as an actor in Buenos Aires, with her debut being in the play "La familia" (The Family) in 1909. Pagano then went on to perform in multiple plays, accumulating over 70 performances over her career. She is most recognized for her performances in "Santa Juana de América," "Voces de gesta," and "El hombre que se dejo crecer la barba."

Aside from acting, Pagano was also an educator and theatre director. She co-founded the Teatro del Pueblo (The People's Theater), an Argentine theater company that aimed to bring theater to the working class. She directed several productions with this company, including "Ollantay," "El dolor de los otros," and "La casa de Bernarda Alba."

Pagano was also active in politics, and was a member of the Communist Party of Argentina. She was an advocate for workers' rights, and often incorporated social and political themes into her plays. Despite facing censorship and persecution from the government for her political views, Pagano continued to pursue her passion for theater and remained an influential figure in the Argentine arts community until her death in 1962.

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