Argentine actresses who died due to Traffic collision

Here are 1 famous actresses from Argentina died in Traffic collision:

Tilda Thamar

Tilda Thamar (December 7, 1921 Urdinarrain-April 12, 1989 Clermont-en-Argonne) also known as Matilde SofĂ­a Margarita Abrecht or Matilde Sofia Margarita Abrecht was an Argentine actor, artist, visual artist, film director and screenwriter.

Throughout her career, Tilda Thamar starred in over 20 films and also appeared in numerous theater plays. She began her acting career in Argentina before moving to Europe where she became a prominent figure in the French film industry.

Aside from her acting work, Thamar was a talented artist and her paintings were often exhibited in galleries worldwide. She also directed and wrote several short experimental films, showcasing her unique approach to filmmaking.

Despite battling illness for many years, Thamar continued to work in the film and art world until her death in 1989. Her legacy lives on through her diverse body of work and her impact on the Argentinian and French art communities.

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