British actresses died in 2001

Here are 14 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 2001:

Arkie Whiteley

Arkie Whiteley (November 6, 1964 London-December 19, 2001 Palm Beach) otherwise known as Arkje Deya Whiteley, Arkie Whitely or Arkie Deya Whiteley was a British actor.

She was best known for her roles in popular movies such as "The Killing of Angel Street" (1981), "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" (1981) and "Ground Zero" (1987). Whiteley began her acting career in Australia where she appeared in a number of TV shows and films. She later moved to the United States where she continued to work in both film and television. In addition to her acting career, Whiteley was also a talented musician and songwriter. Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 37 due to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Her legacy continues to inspire many aspiring actors and musicians to this day.

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Charlotte Coleman

Charlotte Coleman (April 3, 1968 Islington-November 14, 2001 Holloway) also known as Charlotte Ninon Coleman was a British actor.

She was best known for her role as Scarlett in the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and as Marmalade Atkins in the TV series "Marmalade Atkins." Coleman began her acting career in the early 1980s and went on to appear in various television shows and films. She was known for her natural talent and charisma on screen. Additionally, Coleman was an accomplished stage actor and performed in a number of productions throughout her career. Despite her success, Coleman tragically died at the age of 33 due to an acute asthma attack. She is remembered as a talented and beloved actor whose life was cut far too short.

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Joan Sims

Joan Sims (May 9, 1930 Laindon-June 27, 2001 Chelsea) a.k.a. Irene Joan Marian Sims, Irene Joan Marion Sims, Joan Simms, Joanie, Queen of Puddings or The First Lady of Carry On was a British singer, actor and voice actor.

She began her career in the 1950s as a stage actress, performing in various productions in London's West End. She made her film debut in the 1953 movie "Genevieve" and went on to appear in over 70 films throughout her career. Sims was best known for her work in the "Carry On" film series, where she appeared in 24 films over a period of 23 years. She often played comedic roles and was highly regarded for her ability to deliver lines with impeccable timing. Aside from acting, Sims was also a talented singer and recorded several albums throughout her career. She passed away in 2001 at the age of 71, leaving behind a legacy as one of Britain's most beloved comedic actresses.

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Jane Welsh

Jane Welsh (January 14, 1905 Bristol-November 27, 2001 London) a.k.a. Louisa Joyce Tudor-Jones was a British actor.

She made her stage debut in 1925 and went on to become a prominent figure in British theatre. She worked with notable directors such as Tyrone Guthrie and Peter Brook, and appeared in many productions of Shakespearean plays throughout her career. Welsh also had an extensive film and television career, appearing in movies such as The Citadel (1938) and Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939), as well as television shows like The Saint and The Avengers. In addition to her acting career, Welsh was also involved in activism, particularly in the fight for women's rights. She was a member of the Women's Freedom League and was a proponent of birth control and family planning.

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Irene von Meyendorff

Irene von Meyendorff (June 6, 1916 Tallinn-September 28, 2001 London) also known as Irene Isabella Margarethe Paulina Caecilia Freiin von Meyendorff, Irene Von Meyendorff, Baroness Irene Isabella Margarete Pauline Caecila von Meyendorff, Irene v. Meyendorff or Irina was a British actor. She had one child, Andreas Zahler.

Irene von Meyendorff was born in Tallinn, Estonia to a noble German-Baltic family. Her father was a general in the Czarist Russian army and her mother was a concert pianist. After the Russian revolution of 1917, her family fled to Germany where she grew up and later began her acting career.

She made her stage debut in 1938 at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin and soon became a popular actress in German cinema during the 1940s. She appeared in a number of well-known films including "Münchhausen" (1943) and "The Blum Affair" (1948).

In 1952, von Meyendorff moved to England where she continued her acting career. She appeared in a number of British films including "Third Party Risk" (1954) and "Carry On Admiral" (1957). She also appeared on stage in London's West End and made appearances on British television.

In addition to her acting career, von Meyendorff was also an accomplished singer and painter. She was known for her beauty and elegance and was a fixture in London's high society circles.

Von Meyendorff was married twice and had one son, Andreas Zahler. She passed away in London in 2001 at the age of 85.

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Jean Anderson

Jean Anderson (December 12, 1907 Eastbourne-April 1, 2001 Edenhall) a.k.a. Mary Jean Heriot Anderson was a British actor.

Jean Anderson was best known for her work on stage, television, and film, appearing in over 50 productions throughout her career. Her stage work included roles in productions of works by Shakespeare, Noel Coward, and Oscar Wilde, while her film credits included appearances in "The Trials of Oscar Wilde" (1960) and "The Nun's Story" (1959). Anderson was also a prolific television actor, appearing in several British TV series, including the popular soap opera "Emmerdale Farm" and the drama "The Forsyte Saga". After retiring from acting in the 1980s, Anderson lived in Cumbria until her death in 2001 at the age of 93.

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Linden Travers

Linden Travers (May 27, 1913 Houghton-le-Spring-October 23, 2001 Cornwall) a.k.a. Florence Linden-Travers or Florence Lindon-Travers was a British actor. She had two children, Susan Travers and Sally Linden Holman.

Linden Travers began her acting career in the early 1930s, appearing in minor roles in various films. However, it wasn't until the mid-1930s that she gained recognition for her acting abilities, landing leading roles in several British films such as "Death at Broadcasting House" and "The Mill on the Floss".

Throughout the 1940s, Travers continued to act in movies such as "Noël Coward's In Which We Serve" and "The Next of Kin". She also appeared on stage in London's West End in plays such as "The Real Thing at Last" and "Death Takes a Holiday".

In the 1950s, Travers transitioned to television and appeared in popular British shows such as "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "The Saint". She continued to act in television and film through the 1960s and 1970s, with her last film credit being "Theatre of Blood" in 1973.

Travers was known for her natural beauty and her graceful demeanor, which made her a popular actress during her time. She passed away in 2001 at the age of 88 in Cornwall, England.

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Babette Stephens

Babette Stephens (November 27, 2014 England-February 28, 2001 Brisbane) a.k.a. Phyllis Babette Stephens or Phyllis Babette Fergusson was a British actor.

She began her career in the 1930s and starred in numerous films such as "Jamaica Inn" (1939) and "The Saint in London" (1939). Stephens was also known for her stage work, appearing in productions in London's West End and on Broadway. In addition to her talent as an actor, she was also a skilled dancer, singer, and pianist. Stephens emigrated to Australia in the 1950s and continued acting in film and television until her death in 2001 at the age of 86. She is remembered for her contributions to the entertainment industry and her dedication to her craft.

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Binkie Stuart

Binkie Stuart (March 11, 1932 Kilmarnock-August 15, 2001 Reading) also known as Elizabeth Alison Fraser or Alison Fraser was a British actor and nurse.

She was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland and grew up in Glasgow. Stuart trained as a nurse at the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow before studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Her career as an actor included appearances on stage, television, and film. Notably, she played the role of Edna in the 1979 film "Quadrophenia" and had a recurring role on the television series "Doctor Who" in the 1980s. Stuart also worked as a radio presenter and broadcaster for BBC Radio Scotland. In addition to her acting career, she continued to work as a nurse throughout her life and was known for her dedication to caring for patients with HIV/AIDS. Stuart passed away in Reading, England at the age of 69.

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Gilly Flower

Gilly Flower (August 26, 1908 London-February 1, 2001 Surrey) was a British actor.

She was born as Florence Emily Arbuthnot-Jones, and her stage name "Gilly Flower" was given to her by Noel Coward. She began her career in theater but later transitioned to film and television. Flower appeared in numerous films including "The Mouse that Roared" (1959), "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (1961), and "The Blue Max" (1966). On television, she appeared in popular British shows such as "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "Doctor Who". In addition to acting, Flower was also an accomplished artist and writer. She published a memoir titled "Underneath My Clothes" in 1985, and her paintings were exhibited in the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. She never married and had no children.

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Patricia Hilliard

Patricia Hilliard (March 14, 1916 Quetta-June 14, 2001 Sussex) otherwise known as Patricia Maud Penn-Gaskell was a British actor. Her children are called Alexandra Fox and Nicholas Fox.

Hilliard began her acting career in the 1940s and appeared in numerous stage productions, as well as films and television shows. She had a prominent role in the well-known British soap opera, "Crossroads," and also appeared in the popular television series "The Avengers." In addition to her acting work, Hilliard was also an accomplished writer and published several novels under the pen name Patricia Maud Penn-Gaskell. She won critical acclaim for her work both on stage and in literature. Hilliard passed away in 2001 at the age of 85.

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Muriel Young

Muriel Young (June 19, 1923 Bishop Middleham-March 24, 2001 Stanhope) was a British actor, television producer, announcer and presenter.

She started her career in broadcasting as an announcer for the BBC during World War II. Muriel went on to produce and present several television shows, including the children's programme "Blue Peter" in the late 1950s. She was also a host of the popular radio programme "Woman's Hour" for several years. Muriel was known for her warmth, charisma, and dynamic personality, and was widely respected for her contributions to the entertainment industry in the UK. In recognition of her achievements, she was awarded an OBE in 1981.

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Sally Douglas

Sally Douglas (November 30, 1941 Lancashire-September 1, 2001) was a British actor.

She began her career in the 1960s with appearances in TV series such as "The Saint" and "The Avengers". Douglas gained widespread recognition for her performance as Nurse Cherry in the British medical drama "Emergency - Ward 10". She also appeared in several classic British films, including "A Hard Day's Night" and "The Knack...and How to Get It". In addition to her acting career, Sally Douglas was also a talented singer, having released several singles in the 1960s. Later in life, she focused on stage acting and appeared in numerous productions in London's West End. Sally Douglas passed away in 2001 at the age of 59.

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Beryl Cooke

Beryl Cooke (November 1, 1906 Soho-August 21, 2001 London) was a British actor.

She appeared in over 50 films and television shows, including "The Lavender Hill Mob" (1951), "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" (1976), and "Love on a Branch Line" (1989). Cooke began her career in the 1930s as a stage actress before transitioning to film and television in the 1950s. She was known for her comedic timing and often played character roles. Cooke was married to actor Sydney Bromley until his death in 1987. In 1999, she was awarded the Order of the British Empire for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

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