Argentine musicians who died due to Pneumonia

Here are 2 famous musicians from Argentina died in Pneumonia:

Ariel Ramírez

Ariel Ramírez (September 4, 1921 Santa Fe-February 18, 2010 Monte Grande) also known as A. ramirez, Ariel Ramirez or Ramírez, Ariel was an Argentine composer, pianist, music director and actor.

Discography: Misa Criolla, Misa Criolla, Tangos y valsecitos de antes, Santafesino de veras, Misa Criolla, Navidad Nuestra (Washington Choral Arts Society, feat. conductor: Joseph Holt) and Misa Criolla.

Ariel Ramírez is best known for his composition "Misa Criolla," which was first performed in 1964 and became a worldwide sensation. The piece blends traditional Catholic liturgical text with the rhythms and instruments of Argentine folk music, creating a unique and infectious sound. Along with his other works, such as "Navidad Nuestra" and "Los Cánticos del Camino," Ramírez helped to popularize traditional Latin American music and bring it to a wider audience. As a performer, he often collaborated with other musicians and ensembles, both in Argentina and internationally. In addition to his musical career, Ramírez also acted in several films in the 1950s and '60s, often playing musical roles. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 88, leaving behind a rich legacy of music that continues to be celebrated around the world.

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Leonardo Favio

Leonardo Favio (May 28, 1938 Luján de Cuyo-November 5, 2012 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Leonardo Fabio, Sandro, Favio, Leonardo, Fuad Jorge Jury or El juglar de américa was an Argentine singer, screenwriter, film director, actor and songwriter. His children are called Leonardo Jury and Nico Jury.

Related albums: 20 Exitos Leonardo Favio, 20 grandes éxitos, Leonardo Favio, and Favio inolvidable.

During his career, Leonardo Favio achieved significant success as a filmmaker, directing classics of Argentine cinema such as "Crónica de un niño solo" (1965), "El dependiente" (1969) and "Soñar, soñar" (1976). He also acted in numerous films, including "Juan Moreira" (1973) and "Gatica, el mono" (1993).

As a singer and songwriter, Favio was known for his romantic ballads and his ability to connect with audiences through his emotional performances. He released over 20 albums throughout his career and his music continues to be revered in Latin America and beyond.

Favio's contribution to Argentine culture was recognized with numerous awards, including the Konex Award in 1985 for best film director of the decade, and the National Culture Award in 1986. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 74, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most beloved and influential artists in Argentina's history.

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