Armenian musicians died at 56

Here are 3 famous musicians from Armenia died at 56:

Ivan Agayants

Ivan Agayants (August 28, 1911 Elisabethpol Governorate-May 12, 1968) was an Armenian personality.

He was a renowned Soviet physicist and an academician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Agayants was highly regarded for his work on nuclear physics and his contributions to the development of Soviet atomic and hydrogen bombs. He was involved in the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons program, serving as the head of the theoretical department of the All-Union Research Institute of Experimental Physics. In addition to his work in nuclear physics, Agayants authored numerous scientific papers and was awarded several prestigious scientific honors. Despite his professional success, he faced political persecution under Stalin's regime and was arrested and imprisoned for several years. However, he was eventually rehabilitated and continued his career until his death in 1968. Today, he is remembered as one of the leading Soviet physicists of his time.

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Alexander Spendiaryan

Alexander Spendiaryan (November 1, 1871 Kakhovka-May 7, 1928 Yerevan) was an Armenian composer and conductor.

Genres: Classical music and Opera.

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John Kirakosyan

John Kirakosyan (May 6, 1929 Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic-June 20, 1985) was an Armenian personality.

He was an accomplished artist and sculptor, renowned for his abstract and modernist works. Kirakosyan studied at the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute in Armenia, and his art was greatly influenced by Armenian cultural traditions and the natural environment. He was also a respected teacher, sharing his artistic knowledge with many students throughout his career. In addition to his artistic achievements, Kirakosyan was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, which deeply impacted his life and work. He passed away in his hometown of Yerevan at the age of 56.

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