Armenian musicians died at 57

Here are 5 famous musicians from Armenia died at 57:

Rafael de Nogales Méndez

Rafael de Nogales Méndez (October 14, 1879 San Cristóbal-July 10, 1937 Panama City) was an Armenian personality.

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Alexander Tamanian

Alexander Tamanian (March 4, 1878 Krasnodar-February 20, 1936 Yerevan) was an Armenian architect.

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Haroutiun Galentz

Haroutiun Galentz (March 27, 1910 Gürün-April 5, 1967 Yerevan) also known as Haratyun Kalents or Harutyun Kalents was an Armenian personality.

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Cathy Berberian

Cathy Berberian (July 4, 1925 Attleboro-March 6, 1983 Rome) was an Armenian singer and composer.

Her albums include Revolution: An Operatic First and Beatles Arias.

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Seiran Khatlamadjian

Seiran Khatlamadjian (April 20, 1937 Rostov-on-Don-September 14, 1994 Yerevan) a.k.a. Seyran Khatlamajyan was an Armenian personality.

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