Australian movie stars born in 1922

Here are 5 famous actors from Australia were born in 1922:

Bill Kerr

Bill Kerr (June 10, 1922 Cape Town-August 28, 2014 Perth) a.k.a. William Kerr, Willie Kerr, William 'Bill' Kerr or William Henry Kerr was an Australian actor, voice actor, comedian and vaudeville performer.

Kerr was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but moved with his family to Australia at a young age. He began his career in entertainment as a child, performing in vaudeville shows with his parents. In his early adulthood, he became a regular performer on radio programs, showcasing his talent for acting and comedy.

Kerr's film career began in the 1940s, when he appeared in several Australian productions. He later moved to England, where he became a popular character actor in both film and television. He appeared in more than 30 films over the course of his career, including classics like "The Dam Busters" and "Doctor Zhivago." He also lent his voice to several animated projects, including Disney's "The Jungle Book" and "The Aristocats."

Kerr was known for his dry wit and deadpan delivery, and was a favorite of audiences and co-stars alike. He continued to work in entertainment until his death in 2014 at the age of 92.

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Gordon Chater

Gordon Chater (April 6, 1922 London-December 12, 1999 Gold Coast) also known as Gordon Maitland Chater was an Australian comedian and actor.

He is best known for his long-running role as Ted Bullpitt in the Australian sitcom Kingswood Country. Chater began his entertainment career in England, performing in music halls and theatre productions before moving to Australia in 1950. In addition to Kingswood Country, he appeared in a number of Australian TV shows including Homicide, Matlock Police, Division 4 and Carson's Law. Chater was also a regular on Australian game shows and panel shows. He was awarded the Order of Australia for his significant contribution to Australian entertainment in 1996. Chater passed away in 1999 in the Gold Coast at the age of 77.

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Syd Heylen

Syd Heylen (May 25, 1922 Renmark-December 4, 1996) a.k.a. Harold Charles Sydney Heylen was an Australian actor.

He is best known for his portrayal of the character of Cookie in the long-running Australian television series "A Country Practice". Heylen appeared in over 1000 episodes of the series from 1981 until his death in 1996. Prior to his success in "A Country Practice", Heylen worked as a comedian and vaudevillian performer. He also made appearances in several other Australian television shows and movies such as "Matlock Police", "Division 4", and "The Sullivans". In addition to his acting career, Heylen was a skilled jazz pianist and performed regularly in Sydney's jazz clubs. He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1994 for his contributions to the arts.

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Leonard Teale

Leonard Teale (September 26, 1922 Brisbane-May 14, 1994 Sydney) also known as Leonard George Teale, Leonard Thiele, Leonard George Thiele, Teale, Leonard or Leonard Teale AO was an Australian actor.

He was best known for his role as Senior Detective Sergeant David Mackay in the Australian television series, "Homicide". Leonard began his acting career in radio and appeared in several soap operas including "Blue Hills" and "Portia Faces Life". He performed in many stage productions as well, including several productions under the direction of John Bell at the Nimrod Theatre Company. In addition to his work on "Homicide", Leonard also appeared in several other Australian television series, including "Matlock Police" and "Division 4". He was awarded the Order of Australia in 1985 for his contribution to the performing arts.

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Laurie Main

Laurie Main (November 29, 1922 Melbourne-February 8, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Laurence George "Laurie" Main or Laurence George Main was an Australian actor and voice actor.

He began his career in Australia, appearing in stage productions and radio dramas. In the 1950s, he moved to England and continued to act in theatre, television, and films. He appeared in several British television shows, including "The Avengers" and "Doctor Who." In the 1960s, he moved to the United States and continued to work as an actor and voice actor.

Main is perhaps best known for his voice work in Disney films. He provided voices for several characters in "Robin Hood," "The Aristocats," and "The Fox and the Hound." He also provided the voice of Doctor Watson in the 1986 animated film "The Great Mouse Detective."

In addition to his acting and voice work, Main was a talented musician. He played several instruments, including the piano, accordion, and guitar. Main passed away in 2012 at the age of 89.

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