Australian movie stars born in 1931

Here are 6 famous actors from Australia were born in 1931:

Ross Higgins

Ross Higgins (June 14, 1931 Sydney-) is an Australian actor, voice actor, comedian and singer.

He is best known for his work on the television show "Kingswood Country" where he played the lead character Ted Bullpitt from 1980 to 1984. Prior to his television career, Higgins performed in various theatrical productions in Australia and New Zealand. He also had a successful career in radio as a host and voice actor. Beyond his acting work, Higgins was also known for his singing ability and released several albums throughout his career. Despite retiring from acting in the late 1990s, Higgins remains a beloved figure in Australian entertainment and is remembered for his comedic talents and contributions to Australian culture.

Peter Cummins

Peter Cummins (June 2, 1931 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney in 1958 and then performed for 15 years with the Melbourne Theatre Company. Cummins is known for his work in the Australian film and television industry, where he has appeared in numerous productions such as "Kangaroo," "Against the Wind," and "The Sullivans." He has also contributed greatly to the Australian radio industry, where he has been involved with plays, documentaries, and radio drama programs. In 2014, Cummins received the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Performing Arts from the Australia Day Foundation.

Martin Vaughan

Martin Vaughan (June 5, 1931 Brisbane-) also known as Martin Kevin Vaughan or Martin Vaughn is an Australian actor.

He started his career in the late 1950s, appearing in various stage plays and theatre productions in Sydney and Melbourne. In 1961, he made his first film appearance in the movie "The Sundowners," which was a critical and commercial success in Australia and the United States.

Vaughan became a prolific actor in Australian television and film, appearing in some of the most well-known productions such as the TV series "Homicide," "Division 4," and "Skyways." He also acted in several international films, including "Mad Max," "The Last Wave," and "The Great McCarthy."

Throughout his career, Vaughan received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including Logie Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Despite his success, Vaughan remained humble, dedicated to his craft and continued working until his retirement in 2000.

He was honored with the Order of Australia in 1989 for his contribution to the performing arts industry. Martin Vaughan passed away on July 4, 2021, at the age of 90.

George Ogilvie

George Ogilvie (March 5, 1931 Goulburn-) also known as George Buchan Ogilvie is an Australian film director, television director, theatre director, actor and screenwriter.

Ogilvie is best known for co-directing the cult classic film "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" alongside George Miller. He began his career as an actor in theatre productions before transitioning to directing for television and film. Ogilvie has directed a number of successful Australian television series, including "Division 4" and "Matlock Police". He is also known for directing productions for the Sydney Theatre Company and the Melbourne Theatre Company. In addition to his work in film and theatre, Ogilvie has written several plays and screenplays, including the script for the 1988 film "The Wicked". Ogilvie has won numerous awards throughout his career, including three Australian Writers' Guild Awards, two Australian Film Institute Awards, and the Order of Australia medal in 2002 for his contributions to the arts.

Ted Legarde

Ted Legarde (March 15, 1931 Mackay-) is an Australian musician, actor, singer and television presenter.

He started his career as a musician in the 1950s and gained popularity as a performer on the television show "Bandstand" during the 1960s. Legarde also appeared in several Australian television dramas and films throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including "The Sullivans" and "Prisoner".

In addition to his acting and musical career, Legarde was also a popular television presenter, hosting shows such as "The Penthouse Club" and "The Midday Show" on Channel 9. He was recognized for his contributions to the Australian entertainment industry with an induction into the Australian Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2004.

Throughout his career, Legarde also dedicated himself to various charitable causes, including supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service and promoting organ donation awareness. He continues to be an active musician and performer, often appearing at concerts and events across Australia.

Don Reid

Don Reid (January 7, 1931 Cobar-April 9, 2013 Sydney) also known as Don Brit Reid was an Australian actor.

He began his acting career in 1957 with the Sydney radio series "A Life of Bliss". He later appeared in various Australian television shows in the 1960s such as Homicide, Spyforce, and Division 4. Reid also had small roles in international productions such as Mission: Impossible and Flipper. In addition, he was a regular on the Australian children's series, Adventure Island. Along with his acting, Reid was also a voice-over artist for commercials and documentaries. He continued acting until his retirement in 2009 and was regarded as a respected member of the Australian acting community.

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