Australian movie stars born in 1953

Here are 14 famous actors from Australia were born in 1953:

Yahoo Serious

Yahoo Serious (July 27, 1953 Cardiff-) also known as Greg Pead or Serious, Yahoo is an Australian screenwriter, composer, film director, actor, film producer and comedian.

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Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt (July 21, 1953 Casino-) also known as Jeffrey Wayne Fatt, Jeff, Jeffrey Wayne "Jeff" Fatt or The Wiggles is an Australian actor, musician, television producer and film score composer.

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Colin Hay

Colin Hay (June 29, 1953 Kilwinning-) also known as Colin James Hay is an Australian singer, actor, guitarist and songwriter.

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Greg Evans

Greg Evans (April 17, 1953 Melbourne-) is an Australian presenter and actor.

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Bruce McAvaney

Bruce McAvaney (June 22, 1953 Ferryden Park-) a.k.a. Bruce William McAvaney OAM or Bruce William McAvaney is an Australian presenter, commentator and actor.

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Neil Melville

Neil Melville (February 18, 1953 Sydney-) is an Australian actor.

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Richard Carter

Richard Carter (December 11, 1953 Sydney-) a.k.a. Ric Carter or Rick Carter is an Australian actor and voice actor.

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David Gulpilil

David Gulpilil (July 1, 1953 Maningrida-) also known as David Gulparil Gulpilil, David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu, Gulpilil or David Gumpilil is an Australian actor and dancer. He has one child, Jamie Gulpilil.

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Russell Mulcahy

Russell Mulcahy (June 23, 1953 Melbourne-) also known as Russ Mulcahy is an Australian film director, television director, television producer and actor.

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John Edwards

John Edwards (March 4, 1953 Sydney-) is an Australian television producer, screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Timothy Bentinck

Timothy Bentinck (June 1, 1953 Tasmania-) a.k.a. 12th Earl of Portland, Tim Bentick, Timothy Bentinick, Timothy Charles Robert Noel Bentinck or 8th Count Bentinck und Waldeck Limpurg is an Australian inventor, actor, musician, writer and webmaster. He has two children, William Bentinck and Jasper James Mellows Bentinck.

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Phillip Borsos

Phillip Borsos (May 5, 1953 Hobart-February 2, 1995 Vancouver) was an Australian film director, actor and film producer.

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Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young (January 6, 1953 Glasgow-) a.k.a. Young, Malcolm, Malcolm Mitchell Young, Mal or AC/DC is an Australian musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, film score composer, singer and actor. He has two children, Cara Young and Ross Young.

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John Doyle

John Doyle (March 9, 1953 Lithgow-) also known as Roy & H.G., 'Rampaging' Roy Slaven, Roy Slaven or John Patrick Doyle is an Australian actor, screenwriter, comedian, radio personality and teacher.

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