German actresses who were born in 1945

Here are 10 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1945:

Christine Kaufmann

Christine Kaufmann (January 11, 1945 Lengdorf-) a.k.a. Christine Kaufman, Cristina Kaufmann or Christine Maria Kaufmann is a German actor, businessperson and writer. She has two children, Alexandra Curtis and Allegra Curtis.

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Marianne Sägebrecht

Marianne Sägebrecht (August 27, 1945 Starnberg-) also known as Marianne Sagebrecht, Barbara Hermani, Marianne Saegebrecht, Marianne Segebrecht, The mother of Munich's sub-culture or The Marlene Dietrich of Bavaria is a German actor and cabaret artist. She has one child, Daniela Sägebrecht-Gmata.

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Evelyn Opela

Evelyn Opela (February 4, 1945 Varnsdorf-) is a German actor.

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Christiane Krüger

Christiane Krüger (September 8, 1945 Hamburg-) otherwise known as Christiane Kruger or Kristina Krieger is a German actor. Her child is called Tim Kruger Bockelmann.

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Lisa Kreuzer

Lisa Kreuzer (December 2, 1945 Hof-) a.k.a. Elisabeth Kreuzer is a German actor and voice actor.

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Marta Kristen

Marta Kristen (February 26, 1945 Oslo-) also known as Birgit Annalisa Rusanen or Martha Kristen is a German actor.

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Domenica Niehoff

Domenica Niehoff (August 3, 1945 Cologne-February 12, 2009 Hamburg) also known as Domenica, Dominatrix or Domenica Anita Niehoff was a German actor and prostitute.

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Renate Krößner

Renate Krößner (May 17, 1945 Osterode am Harz-) is a German actor.

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Luba Goy

Luba Goy (November 8, 1945 Haltern-) also known as Royal Canadian Air Farce, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, Air Farce or Люба Ґой is a German actor, voice actor, screenwriter and comedian.

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Jenny Hu

Jenny Hu (November 17, 1945 Kaiping-) also known as Yanni Hu, Jen-ni Hu, Jenny Woo or Yen Ni Hu is a German actor. She has two children, Terence Yin and Christopher Yin.

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