Australian movie stars born in 1963

Here are 12 famous actors from Australia were born in 1963:

Michael Beckley

Michael Beckley (November 1, 1963-) is an Australian actor.

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Paul Mercurio

Paul Mercurio (March 31, 1963 Swan Hill-) also known as Paul Joseph Mercurio is an Australian actor, dancer and presenter. His children are called Elise Mercurio, Erin Mercurio and Emily Mercurio.

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Jay Laga'aia

Jay Laga'aia (September 10, 1963 Auckland-) a.k.a. Jay Lavea Laga'aia or Jay Laga'Aia is an Australian presenter, actor and singer. He has eight children, Jeremy Laga'aia, Matthew Laga'aia, Iosefa Laga'aia, Jessica Laga'aia, Nathaniel Laga'aia, Georgia Rose Laga'aia, Katie Laga'aia and Isabella Laga'aia.

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Peter Rowsthorn

Peter Rowsthorn (February 9, 1963 Australia-) a.k.a. Peter Rowsthorn Jr. or Brett Craig is an Australian presenter, comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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Jared Robinsen

Jared Robinsen (April 4, 1963-) also known as Jared Robinsen is an Australian actor.

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Marcus Graham

Marcus Graham (October 11, 1963 Perth-) is an Australian actor.

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Christopher Simon

Christopher Simon (June 5, 1963 Sydney-) is an Australian actor and film producer.

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Nick Giannopoulos

Nick Giannopoulos (July 1, 1963 Richmond-) is an Australian comedian, actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

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Richard Frankland

Richard Frankland (December 16, 1963 Victoria-) also known as Richard J. Frankland or Richard Joseph Frankland is an Australian writer, playwright, film director, screenwriter, actor, television director, soldier and fisherman.

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Anthony Field

Anthony Field (May 8, 1963 Kellyville-) also known as Anthony Donald Joseph Field, Tony, Anthony (Tony) Field, Tony Field, Anthony Wiggle or The Wiggles is an Australian songwriter, record producer, musician, actor, television producer and film score composer. He has three children, Lucia Maria Angela Field, Marie Claire Field and Antonio Carlos Field.

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Clayton Jacobson

Clayton Jacobson (October 26, 1963-) is an Australian actor, film editor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and television director.

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Renato Bartolomei

Renato Bartolomei (May 31, 1963-) is an Australian actor.

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