Australian movie stars died in 1989

Here are 3 famous actors from Australia died in 1989:

John Meillon

John Meillon (May 1, 1934 Mosman-August 10, 1989 Mosman) also known as John Meillon OBE or John Meillon, OBE was an Australian actor and voice actor. He had one child, John Meillon Jr..

Meillon is best known for his roles in Australian cinema, including his role as Walter Reilly in the iconic film "The Sundowners" and as the alcoholic writer in "Wake in Fright." He also had a successful career in British and American films, appearing in "Crocodile Dundee" and "The Longest Day," among others. In addition to his work on film, Meillon was a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to iconic Australian ads for companies such as Qantas and VB. Meillon was recognized for his contributions to arts and culture in Australia with an Order of the British Empire in 1979. Despite his success, Meillon struggled with alcoholism throughout his life and died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1989 at the age of 55.

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Trevor Kent

Trevor Kent (April 24, 1940 Queensland-November 4, 1989 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

He started his career as a stage actor and later transitioned to film and television. Some of his notable roles include the character of Graham Walters in the TV series "The Sullivans" and the role of Jim in the 1986 film "Crocodile Dundee." Apart from being an actor, Kent was also a successful director and producer. He directed several episodes of "Neighbours," "Home and Away," and "The Flying Doctors." In addition, he was a mentor to many upcoming actors in the Australian film industry. Kent was known for his charismatic personality and his dedication to his craft. He passed away in 1989 from cancer at the age of 49.

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Bill Neskovski

Bill Neskovski (January 20, 1964 Bitola-November 25, 1989 Australia) was an Australian writer, actor and playwright.

He was born in Bitola, a city in the Republic of North Macedonia, and migrated with his family to Australia at the age of six. Neskovski wrote and starred in several plays during his lifetime, including "The Dancer," which was performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 1988. He was also a regular performer at the La Mama Theatre Company in Melbourne. Neskovski passed away tragically at the age of 25 in a car accident in Australia. Despite his brief career, he is remembered as a talented and promising young artist who made a significant contribution to the Australian theatre scene.

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