Australian movie actors deceased in Esophageal cancer

Here are 2 famous actors from Australia died in Esophageal cancer:

Ed Devereaux

Ed Devereaux (August 27, 1925 Sydney-December 17, 2003 Hampstead) also known as Edward Devereaux, Ed Deveraux, Edward Sidney Devereaux or Ed. Devereaux was an Australian actor, film director and screenwriter. His children are called John Devereaux, Steven Devereaux, Timothy Devereaux and Matthew Devereaux.

Ed Devereaux was most famous for his role as the bushman Matt Hammond in the Australian television series "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo". He starred in the series from 1966 to 1970 and it became one of the most successful Australian TV series ever made. Devereaux also appeared in a number of other Australian and British TV shows and films throughout his career, including "Homicide", "Division 4", "The Sullivans", and "The Flying Doctors". In addition to acting, he also directed and wrote several films during the 1970s. Devereaux passed away at the age of 78 in London.

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David Hannay

David Hannay (June 23, 1939 New Zealand-March 31, 2014 Yetholme, New South Wales) also known as Horrible was an Australian film producer and actor. He had four children, Antony Darton Hannay, Miriam Hannay, Aaron Hannay and Ethan Hannay.

Hannay began his career in the entertainment industry as an actor, appearing in several films and TV series throughout the 1960s and 1970s, including "Homicide" and "Matlock Police." He later transitioned into producing, and was responsible for producing numerous acclaimed Australian films, including "The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith" and "The Getting of Wisdom." Hannay was known for his strong commitment to supporting Australian cinema, and was widely regarded as an influential figure in the country's film industry. He remained active as a producer until his death in 2014. In addition to his work in entertainment, Hannay was also involved in various community initiatives and was a strong advocate for environmental conservation.

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