Australian musicians born in 1952

Here are 9 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1952:

Graeme Strachan

Graeme Strachan (January 2, 1952 Malvern-August 29, 2001) also known as "Shirley" Strachan or Graham Strachan was an Australian presenter, singer and songwriter.

Genres related to him: Rock music, Progressive rock and Rock and roll.

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Frankie J. Holden

Frankie J. Holden (December 18, 1952-) a.k.a. Frankie J Holden, Frank J. Holden, Frankie Holden, Peter Brian, Frank Holden or Peter Bryan is an Australian presenter, singer and actor.

He was born in Gosford, New South Wales and began his career in the 1970s as a singer in the band Ol' 55. The band was very popular in Australia and their music has been described as rockabilly and retro-pop. After the disbandment of Ol' 55 in the early 1980s, Holden focused on his acting career, appearing in numerous Australian television shows and films. He played the lead role in the popular television drama "Something in the Air" and has also appeared in films such as "The Last of the Knucklemen" and "Red Dog". Holden is a highly respected figure in the Australian entertainment industry and has won several awards for his contribution to music and theatre. He is also known for his charity work, supporting causes such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Smith Family.

Holden continued to perform as a solo singer, releasing several albums, and as a presenter on Australian television shows such as "In Melbourne Tonight" and "Good Morning Australia". In 2018, Holden was inducted into the Australian TV Week Logie Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to Australian television. Outside of his entertainment career, Holden is a trained pilot and has a passion for aviation. He holds a private pilot license and has flown across Australia and internationally. Holden has been married to his wife, Michelle Pettigrove, also an actress, since 1996 and they have two children together. 

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Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott (August 16, 1952 Sydney-) is an Australian singer, composer, pianist, writer, comedian, film score composer, screenwriter and actor.

He started his career as a musician in the 1970s, playing in various bands in Sydney. In 1977, he released his debut album, "Drive-in Movie", which was well-received by critics and gained him a following in Australia. Throughout the 1980s, he continued to release successful albums and was known for his witty and intelligent lyrics.

In addition to his music career, Scott also became involved in comedy in the 1980s, performing stand-up and sketch comedy shows. He went on to write and perform in various television shows and films, including the ABC TV series "The Gillies Report" and the film "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

Scott has also worked as a composer for film and television, scoring the music for various Australian TV shows and films. He has won several awards for his work, including an ARIA Award for Best Original Soundtrack for "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

Throughout his career, Phillip Scott has maintained a reputation as a multi-talented and versatile artist, with a unique and distinctive voice in Australian music and comedy.

His versatility has also led him to work as a screenwriter, with his writing credits including the TV series "Good News Week" and the film "The Menkoff Method". He also wrote and starred in the stage show "My Fair Lady Boys", which was a parody of the musical "My Fair Lady" with a drag twist.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Scott is also known for his activism and advocacy. He has been a vocal supporter of various causes, including marriage equality and climate change action. He has also been involved in various anti-discrimination campaigns, particularly regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Despite his successes, Scott has also faced personal challenges in his life, including his battle with addiction. However, he has been open about his struggles and has used his experiences to raise awareness and promote understanding around issues of mental health.

Overall, Phillip Scott's career has spanned multiple artistic disciplines and has had a significant impact on Australian culture. His work as a musician, comedian, writer, actor, and composer has earned him a reputation as a true multi-hyphenate talent.

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Wendy Hughes

Wendy Hughes (July 29, 1952 Melbourne-March 8, 2014 Sydney) was an Australian actor and film producer. She had two children, Charlotte Haywood and Jay Juillet.

Wendy Hughes began her career as a stage actress and later transitioned to television and film. She was known for her roles in films such as "My Brilliant Career", "Lonely Hearts", and "The Man from Snowy River". Hughes was a versatile actress and received critical acclaim for her performances in both dramatic and comedic roles. In addition to acting, she also worked as a producer on various film projects. In 1993, she was awarded the AFI Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film "Boundaries". Wendy Hughes passed away in 2014 after a long battle with cancer. She left behind a lasting legacy in the Australian entertainment industry.

Born in Melbourne, Wendy Hughes began her career as an actress in 1974, working with the Melbourne Theatre Company before making her television debut in the series "Bellbird". In 1979, she gained international recognition for her critically acclaimed performance in the film "My Brilliant Career" opposite Judy Davis. She went on to work in Hollywood with actors such as Robert Mitchum and Tom Selleck, as well as in British productions.

Hughes was a highly respected actress in Australia and received numerous accolades for her work, including several AFI Award nominations. In addition to acting and producing, she was also a mentor to young actors, working as a teacher at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney.

Outside of her acting career, Hughes was an advocate for environmental causes and was involved with the Australian Marine Conservation Society. She was also a proud supporter of Indigenous causes and worked with the Aboriginal Medical Service in Sydney.

Wendy Hughes is remembered as a talented and compassionate artist who made significant contributions to the Australian entertainment industry during her career.

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Keith Lamb

Keith Lamb (January 9, 1952 Norwich-) is an Australian singer, record producer, songwriter and game designer.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Mark McEntee

Mark McEntee (July 16, 1952 Perth-) is an Australian guitarist and musician.

His related genres: New Wave and Rock music.

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Alan Sandow

Alan Sandow (February 28, 1952-) also known as Sandow, Alan is an Australian , .

professional wrestler and strongman. He was born on February 28, 1952, in Melbourne, Australia. Sandow was inspired by the strongman Eugen Sandow to pursue a career in strength sports. He began his career as a powerlifter, winning several national championships before transitioning to professional wrestling.

Sandow was known for his incredible feats of strength, including lifting cars and pulling airplanes. He competed in the World's Strongest Man competition and was a multiple-time Australian champion in the sport. He also had a successful career in professional wrestling, winning several titles in his native Australia and also competing in Japan.

After retiring from competition, Sandow became a trainer and wrote several books on strength training and bodybuilding. He is credited with popularizing the "sandbag" method of training, which involves using heavy sandbags as a form of resistance. Sandow continues to be a respected figure in the world of strength sports and is considered a pioneer of modern bodybuilding.

Sandow's contributions to the world of strength sports go beyond just his successful career. He also revolutionized the sport by introducing training techniques, such as progressive resistance training, that are still used today. Moreover, Sandow was a strong advocate for drug-free competition and was vocal about the dangers of steroid use in the sport. He also worked as a physiotherapist and personal trainer, helping scores of people achieve their fitness goals. In recognition of his contributions to the sport, Sandow was inducted into the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association's Hall of Fame in 2010. Today, at 69 years of age, he lives a quiet life in Melbourne, where he continues to inspire people with his physical feats and dedication to health and fitness.

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Alan Kogosowski

Alan Kogosowski (December 22, 1952 Melbourne-) is an Australian pianist.

His discography includes: Transcriptions for Orchestra.

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Anne Kirkpatrick

Anne Kirkpatrick (July 4, 1952-) a.k.a. Kirkpatrick, Anne is an Australian singer. She has one child, Kate Kirkpatrick.

Related albums: Out of the Blue, Game of Love, Anne Kirkpatrick and Friends and Two Singers - One Song.

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