Dutch musicians who were born in 1933

Here are 5 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1933:

Ramses Shaffy

Ramses Shaffy (August 29, 1933 Paris-December 1, 2009 Amsterdam) also known as Shaffy, Ramses was a Dutch singer, musician and actor.

Discography: Alleen als je me verleidt, Sammy, Ramses: Muziek uit de film, Sterven van geluk, Zijn grootste successen, Come With Me, Een bloemenkrans en een nachtgewaad, Kijk, zei de meid, Toutankhamon and Zonder bagage. Genres: Chanson.

Ramses Shaffy was born in Paris to an Egyptian diplomat father and a Russian-French mother. He spent his childhood in Alexandria, Egypt, and then moved to the Netherlands with his mother after his parents' divorce. Shaffy studied at the Amsterdamse Toneelschool, but later pursued a career as a singer and musician. In the early 1960s, he became a prominent figure in the Dutch music scene, often performing at the famous Shaffy Theater in Amsterdam, which was named after him.

Shaffy's music is characterized by his unique voice and emotional intensity, which often evoked strong feelings of love and loss. He is considered one of the most influential musicians in the Dutch language and his songs have become classics in Dutch music. Shaffy was also active in the Dutch theater and film industry and starred in various productions throughout his career.

Despite struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction, Shaffy continued to be a popular and beloved figure in the Dutch cultural landscape until his death in 2009. He was honored with numerous awards and tributes during his lifetime, including the Edison Award and the title of Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

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Ann Burton

Ann Burton (March 4, 1933 Amsterdam-November 29, 1989 Amsterdam) was a Dutch singer.

Her albums include Am I Blue, Everything Happens, Her American Recordings, Collection, Ballads & Burton, Sings for Lovers and Other Strangers, Blue Burton and That's all. Genres related to her: Jazz.

Ann Burton was born on March 4, 1933, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She grew up in a family of musicians and her parents encouraged her to pursue singing at a young age. She trained in classical music and opera but later found her passion for jazz. Ann became a prominent jazz singer in the Netherlands and gained international recognition for her unique style and soulful voice.

In the early 1960s, Ann Burton began performing with the Trio Pim Jacobs, which included pianist Pim Jacobs, a well-known Dutch jazz musician. They became a popular trio and recorded several albums together. Ann went on to record over 20 albums throughout her career, including collaborations with renowned jazz artists such as Louis Van Dyke, Toots Thielemans, and Clark Terry.

Despite her success, Ann Burton struggled with addiction and was in and out of rehabilitation centers throughout her life. Tragically, she passed away on November 29, 1989, at the age of 56. Her legacy as one of the greatest jazz singers from the Netherlands continues to live on today.

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Elly Ameling

Elly Ameling (February 8, 1933 Rotterdam-) also known as Ameling, Elly is a Dutch singer.

Discography: , , The Hyperion Schubert Edition, Volume 7: Schubert in 1815 I, , Lieder: Ave Maria, etc. (Ameling and Baldwin), Peer Gynt, Messiah, Mélodies (soprano: Elly Ameling, baritone: Gérard Souzay, piano: Dalton Baldwin) and Requiem in D minor.

Elly Ameling is known for her soprano voice and was one of the leading singers of her time. She has performed in many prestigious venues across Europe and North America, and has collaborated with numerous renowned orchestras and conductors. In addition to her singing career, Ameling has also been a sought-after teacher of vocal music, passing on her knowledge and experience to future generations of singers. She has received many honors and awards throughout her career, including being made a Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion and a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in France.

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Milly Scott

Milly Scott (December 29, 1933 Den Helder-) also known as Marion Henriëtte Louise Molly or Scott, Milly is a Dutch singer and actor.

Her albums include Liefde smeult, liefde groeit, liefde bloeit, liefde stoeit. Genres: Pop music.

Milly Scott was born in Den Helder, a small coastal town in the Netherlands. She began her career in the 1950s as a jazz singer, performing in clubs and on television. In 1960, she represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Heel de wereld" (The Whole World), finishing in 15th place.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Milly Scott continued to release albums and perform on stage and television. She was also an accomplished actor, appearing in films such as "De Fuik" (The Trap) and "Een Vreemde Vogel" (A Strange Bird). In the 1990s, she made a comeback as a singer with the album "Milly Scott Sings Billie Holiday."

Milly Scott's music is characterized by her powerful voice and her ability to blend jazz, blues, and pop styles. She remains a beloved figure in Dutch music and culture, and continues to perform to this day.

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Thérèse Steinmetz

Thérèse Steinmetz (May 17, 1933 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Therese Steinmetz or Steinmetz, Therese is a Dutch singer.

Genres: Pop music.

Thérèse Steinmetz began her singing career in the early 1960s and quickly became a popular figure in Dutch pop music. She represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 with the song "Ring-dinge-ding", which finished in 14th place. Steinmetz was known for her unique vocal style and her ability to connect with audiences through her emotional performances. In addition to her successful music career, she has also worked as an actress in Dutch film and television productions. Steinmetz is considered one of the most influential and talented singers in the history of Dutch music.

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