Australian musicians died at 43

Here are 2 famous musicians from Australia died at 43:

Megan Williams

Megan Williams (September 11, 1956 London-April 17, 2000 Sydney) was an Australian singer.

Megan Williams had a successful career as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. She began her music career in the late 1970s, where she performed in clubs and pubs around Australia. Megan also collaborated with other well-known Australian musicians, including Russell Morris and Renee Geyer. In the 1980s, she released several albums and was known for her powerful vocals and soulful sound.

Aside from her music career, Williams was also an advocate for breast cancer awareness. She was diagnosed with the disease in the early 1990s, and from then on, she became an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Megan used her platform as a musician to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, encouraging women to have regular mammograms and take care of their health.

Megan Williams will always be remembered as a talented musician and a compassionate breast cancer advocate who used her platform to inspire and empower others.

She died caused by breast cancer.

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Thomas McCawley

Thomas McCawley (July 24, 1881 Queensland-April 16, 1925) was an Australian judge.

Thomas McCawley was born on July 24, 1881 in Queensland, Australia. After completing his education, he became a prominent lawyer and eventually served as a judge in Australia's High Court. During his tenure, McCawley was known for his impartiality and commitment to justice, earning the respect of his fellow judges and the legal community. He was a strong advocate for social justice and was involved in the reform of the Australian legal system. In addition to his judicial work, he was also a talented writer and contributed articles and essays to various legal publications. Unfortunately, his life was cut short when he passed away on April 16, 1925 at the age of 43. Despite his relatively short career, Thomas McCawley left a lasting legacy as a principled and respected member of the Australian legal system.

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