Australian musicians died at 73

Here are 28 famous musicians from Australia died at 73:

Murray Rose

Murray Rose (January 6, 1939 Birmingham-April 15, 2012 Sydney) also known as Iain Murray Rose or The Seaweed Streak was an Australian swimmer, actor, businessperson and journalist. He had two children, Somerset Rose and Trevor Rose.

He died caused by leukemia.

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Ernestine Hill

Ernestine Hill (January 21, 1899 Rockhampton-August 22, 1972 Brisbane) was an Australian writer.

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Tilly Aston

Tilly Aston (December 11, 1873 Victoria-November 1, 1947 Windsor) was an Australian writer and novelist.

She died caused by cancer.

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Alan Moorehead

Alan Moorehead (July 22, 1910 Melbourne-September 29, 1983) was an Australian journalist.

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William Stawell

William Stawell (June 27, 1815 County Cork-March 12, 1889 Naples) a.k.a. Judge William Foster Stawell was an Australian barrister and judge.

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Olivia Hamnett

Olivia Hamnett (November 23, 1927 Manchester-November 1, 2001) was an Australian actor.

She died in brain tumor.

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Arthur Upfield

Arthur Upfield (September 1, 1890 Gosport-February 12, 1964 Bowral) also known as Arthur William Upfield was an Australian writer and geologist.

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Hal Porter

Hal Porter (February 16, 1911 Albert Park-September 29, 1984 Melbourne) also known as Hall Porter, Harold Edward (Hal) Porter or Harold Edward Porter was an Australian writer, novelist, playwright and poet.

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Ian Ross

Ian Ross (June 24, 1940 Waverley-April 29, 2014 Gold Coast) a.k.a. Ian 'Roscoe' Ross or Roscoe was an Australian journalist, presenter and tv journalist.

He died in pancreatic cancer.

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John Madden

John Madden (May 16, 1844 Cloyne-March 10, 1918) otherwise known as Judge John Madden was an Australian judge.

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Leo Cussen

Leo Cussen (November 29, 1859 Portland-May 17, 1933) also known as Judge Leo Cussen was an Australian lawyer and judge.

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Ernest Henry Clark Oliphant

Ernest Henry Clark Oliphant (August 14, 1862-April 20, 1936) was an Australian novelist.

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John Hannah Gordon

John Hannah Gordon (July 26, 1850 Kilmacolm-December 23, 1923 Adelaide) also known as Judge John Hannah Gordon was an Australian judge and politician.

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Herbert Curlewis

Herbert Curlewis (August 22, 1869 Bondi-October 11, 1942 Mosman) also known as Judge Herbert Raine Curlewis was an Australian judge and barrister.

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Adelaide Anderson

Adelaide Anderson (April 8, 1863 Australia-August 28, 1936) was an Australian personality.

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Robert McMillan

Robert McMillan (January 24, 1858-April 23, 1931) was an Australian judge.

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Eric Walters

Eric Walters (July 4, 1937-August 1, 2010) was an Australian journalist and presenter.

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George Beeby

George Beeby (May 23, 1869-July 18, 1942) was an Australian judge, politician and novelist.

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Tony Rae

Tony Rae (July 8, 1927 Sydney-October 11, 2000 London) was an Australian teacher and professor. He had one child, Stephen Rae.

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Robert Madgwick

Robert Madgwick (May 10, 1905 North Sydney-March 25, 1979 Hornsby) also known as Sir Robert Bowden Madgwick was an Australian college administrator, teacher, soldier and civil servant.

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Howard Vernon

Howard Vernon (May 20, 1848 Australia-July 26, 1921) was an Australian personality.

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Hiroyuki Iwaki

Hiroyuki Iwaki (September 6, 1932 Tokyo-June 13, 2006) was an Australian conductor and percussionist.

He died caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Frederick Garling

Frederick Garling (February 17, 1775-May 2, 1848) was an Australian lawyer.

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Zora Cross

Zora Cross (May 18, 1890 Brisbane-January 22, 1964) was an Australian writer, journalist and novelist.

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Nicholas Chevalier

Nicholas Chevalier (May 9, 1828 Saint Petersburg-March 15, 1902) was an Australian personality.

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R. A. Simpson

R. A. Simpson (February 1, 1929 Melbourne-October 2, 2002) also known as R. A Simpson was an Australian personality.

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David Henry Souter

David Henry Souter (March 30, 1862 Aberdeen-September 22, 1935) was an Australian journalist.

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James McCulloch

James McCulloch (March 18, 1819 Glasgow-January 31, 1893 Epsom) was an Australian politician.

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