Australian music stars deceased in Cerebral hemorrhage

Here are 2 famous musicians from Australia died in Cerebral hemorrhage:

Ray Barrett

Ray Barrett (May 2, 1927 Brisbane-September 8, 2009 Gold Coast) also known as Raymond Charles Barrett, Ray or Raymond Charles "Ray" Barrett was an Australian actor, voice actor and singer.

Barrett started his career in the early 1950s as a radio announcer and drama performer. He then transitioned to television where he played lead roles in acclaimed TV shows such as "Spyforce" and "Barrier Reef". During his career, he also acted in films such as "The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith" and "The Earthling".

Barrett was renowned for his voice acting work and is best known for his iconic voice work featuring in popular TV shows such as "Thunderbirds" and "Stingray". He also lent his voice to the character of "John Tracy" in the popular TV show "Thunderbirds".

Barrett was a multi-talented artist and was proficient in playing piano and guitar. He recorded several albums including the popular single "The Best Things in Life Are Free". He was also awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1996 for his services to the entertainment industry.

In addition to his impressive acting and voice acting career, Ray Barrett was also a skilled writer and producer. He co-wrote screenplays for several TV shows in the 1970s, including "Matlock Police" and "Division 4". He also executive produced the TV movie "Against the Wind" in 1978. Barrett was highly respected in the Australian entertainment industry and was known for his humble and down-to-earth personality. His work has contributed greatly to the rich history of Australian film and television.

Furthermore, Ray Barrett also had a successful stage career. He made his debut in the 1955 production of "Rebel Without a Cause" and went on to perform in numerous plays over the years. In 1983, he appeared in the stage production of "The Boys in the Band" alongside other well-known Australian actors. Throughout his career, Barrett received numerous accolades and awards for his work in the entertainment industry. He won the Logie Award for Best Male Actor in 1976 for his performance in "The Outsiders". In 2000, he was inducted into the Australian Film Walk of Fame. Sadly, Ray Barrett passed away in 2009 at the age of 82, leaving behind an impressive legacy in the Australian entertainment industry.

In addition to his impressive acting and voice acting career, Ray Barrett was a versatile artist with a great passion for painting. He often spent his free time creating beautiful pieces of art that reflected Australian landscapes and wildlife. Barrett was also an avid supporter of wildlife conservation and actively participated in several campaigns to save endangered species. He was a member of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia and served as the organization's Vice-President for some time. In 1989, he was awarded the Australian Geographic Society's Lifetime of Conservation Award for his outstanding contribution to wildlife conservation. Despite his success, Barrett was known for his humility and often shied away from the spotlight. He once famously remarked, "I'm just an actor, I'm not the Pope". Barrett's remarkable talent, inspiring career, and unwavering commitment to his craft have left an indelible mark on the Australian entertainment industry.

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Alan Dargin

Alan Dargin (July 13, 1967 Wee Waa-February 24, 2008 Darlinghurst) also known as Dargin, Alan was an Australian didgeridooist and actor.

His albums include Bloodwood.

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