Austrian movie stars died in 1959

Here are 3 famous actors from Austria died in 1959:

Hubert Marischka

Hubert Marischka (August 27, 1882 Brunn am Gebirge-December 4, 1959 Vienna) also known as Hubert Josef Marischka was an Austrian screenwriter, film director, actor and opera singer. His children are called Georg Marischka, Viktor Marischka, Lisl Marischka, Franz Marischka and Tassilo Marischka.

Marischka began his career in the entertainment industry as an opera singer, performing in various theaters before transitioning into the world of film. He was a prolific filmmaker in the Golden Age of Austrian Cinema, starting in 1913 and continuing through the 1930s. Marischka’s works were characterized by their broad, farcical portrayals of romance and comedy. Considered to be one of the most important comedic directors of his time, Marischka was highly regarded for his ability to blend music, song, and dance into his films.

Although Marischka’s career largely took place during Austria’s silent film era, he continued to work in the industry after sound became popular in the 1930s, and even directed one of the first popular musical films Bella Donna in 1934. In the 1940’s, he focused more on screenwriting and acting, with his acting roles including appearances in Mozart, the famous 1955 film version of the famous composer’s life.

Beyond his contributions to the Austrian film industry, Marischka’s legacy is also carried through his children. His son Georg Marischka directed films such as Der Bockerer, while Viktor Marischka went on to become a successful screenwriter.

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Theodor Danegger

Theodor Danegger (August 31, 1891 Lienz-October 11, 1959 Vienna) a.k.a. Theodor Dannegger was an Austrian actor.

He appeared in over 200 films, working with noted directors such as Fritz Lang and G.W. Pabst. Danegger often played character roles, portraying figures such as lawyers, doctors, and professors. He gained critical acclaim for his performances in several German Expressionist films, including "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Nosferatu". Danegger continued to act in films throughout the 1930s and 1940s, despite the rise of the Nazi Party and their control over the film industry in Austria. He passed away in 1959 at the age of 68.

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Ulrich Bettac

Ulrich Bettac (May 2, 1897 Szczecin-April 20, 1959 Vienna) also known as Ulrich Ewald Berthold Bettac or Ulrich Berthold Bettac Ewald was an Austrian actor and screenwriter.

During his career, Ulrich Bettac appeared in over 80 films, including international productions such as "Mayerling" (1936) and "The Phantom Carriage" (1941). He also worked as a screenwriter, writing scripts for films such as "Gently My Songs Entreat" (1933) and "The Emperor's Waltz" (1948). Bettac often played supporting roles, but was known for his ability to add depth to his characters. He passed away in Vienna at the age of 61.

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