Spanish movie actors died when they were 57

Here are 1 famous actors from Spain died at 57:

Pedro Carrasco

Pedro Carrasco (July 11, 1943 Alosno-January 27, 2001 Madrid) was a Spanish professional boxer and actor. He had one child, Rocío Carrasco.

He died in natural causes.

Pedro Carrasco was known as "El León de Alosno" (The Lion of Alosno) and was a two-time European lightweight champion. He held a professional record of 72 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw, with 44 wins by knockout. Carrasco was one of the most popular and successful Spanish boxers of his time, and his matches were widely followed by Spaniards. After retiring from boxing, he ventured into acting, appearing in several Spanish films and TV series. Carrasco was known for his charisma and charm both in and out of the ring, and his legacy as a legendary boxer in Spain continues to live on to this day.

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