Austrian movie stars died in 1965

Here are 3 famous actors from Austria died in 1965:

Frederick John Kiesler

Frederick John Kiesler (September 22, 1890 Chernivtsi-December 27, 1965 New York City) also known as Frederick Kiesler was an Austrian architect, artist, actor and visual artist.

He was known for his unconventional approach to architecture and design, often incorporating elements of sculpture and theatre into his work. Kiesler studied at the Technical University of Vienna and later worked with notable figures such as Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius. He also designed the Viennese Akademietheater and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. In addition to his architectural work, Kiesler was involved in numerous avant-garde art movements, such as Surrealism and Dadaism. He also acted in several films, including Orson Welles' "The Trial". Kiesler's legacy lives on through the Frederick Kiesler Foundation, which promotes his ideas and work.

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Otto Treßler

Otto Treßler (April 13, 1871 Stuttgart-April 27, 1965 Vienna) otherwise known as Otto Tressler or Otto Karl August Mayer was an Austrian actor. He had one child, Georg Tressler.

Otto Treßler began his acting career in Stuttgart in 1891 and went on to perform in various theaters throughout Germany and Austria. He is especially known for his roles in silent films, including the role of the villain in the 1922 film "Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler". Treßler also appeared in several films directed by Fritz Lang, such as "Metropolis" and "M". He continued to act in films and on stage until his retirement in 1953. In addition to his acting career, Treßler was a talented writer and served as a mentor to many young actors.

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Franz Höbling

Franz Höbling (September 9, 1886 Vienna-February 14, 1965 Vienna) was an Austrian actor and film director.

He began his acting career at the Burgtheater in Vienna and later became a prominent film director in Austria during the 1930s. Höbling directed several popular films, including "Die große Chance" (1933), "Die Katz' im Sack" (1935), and "Der Alte und der junge König" (1935). He also appeared in numerous films as an actor, often playing supporting roles in dramas and comedies. Despite his success in the film industry, Höbling was forced to flee Austria during the Nazi occupation and settled in Switzerland for several years. He later returned to Vienna and continued to work in theater and film until his death in 1965.

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