Austrian movie stars died in 1974

Here are 3 famous actors from Austria died in 1974:

Ernst Lothar

Ernst Lothar (October 25, 1890 Brno-October 30, 1974 Vienna) a.k.a. Ernst Lothar Müller or Ernest Lothar was an Austrian writer, theatre director, theatrical producer, critic and actor. He had one child, Johanna Lothar.

Lothar was a prominent figure in Viennese culture during the interwar period. He was a member of the Habsburg Dynasty and served as an officer in World War I. He began his career as a theatre critic and later became a successful playwright, with many of his works being performed in Vienna's most prestigious theatres. He was also a director and producer of plays and operas at the Vienna State Opera and other prominent theatres in Europe. In addition to his theatrical pursuits, Lothar was a prolific author, writing several novels and essays. His most famous work is the novel "The Unseen," which was published in 1937 and has been translated into several languages. Despite being Jewish, Lothar was able to escape Nazi persecution and flee to the United States during World War II. He returned to Vienna in 1945 and resumed his work in the theatre.

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Karl Hellmer

Karl Hellmer (March 11, 1896 Vienna-May 18, 1974 Berlin) a.k.a. Carl Hellmer or Karl Helmer was an Austrian actor.

He began his acting career in Vienna in the 1920s, appearing in several plays and films. He later moved to Berlin where he continued to act and became a prominent figure in the German film industry. Hellmer appeared in over 100 films throughout his career, including "Munchhausen" (1943) and "Die Feuerzangenbowle" (1944). In addition to his acting work, Hellmer also served as the director of the Vienna State Theater and taught at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. He retired from acting in 1966 and died in Berlin in 1974 at the age of 78.

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John Wengraf

John Wengraf (April 23, 1897 Vienna-May 4, 1974 Santa Barbara) also known as Hans Wengraf or John E. Wengraf was an Austrian actor.

He began his acting career in Vienna and made his way to Hollywood in the 1930s, where he was cast in a number of films such as "Seven Sinners" (1940), "The Strange Woman" (1946), and "The Jolson Story" (1946). He also appeared in the TV series "The Twilight Zone" and "Perry Mason". Wengraf is particularly remembered for his role as the villainous Dr. Gustav Decker in the James Bond film "From Russia with Love" (1963). In addition to his acting work, Wengraf was also an accomplished stage director and drama coach, and was a respected member of the theatrical community.

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