Austrian movie stars died in 1976

Here are 1 famous actors from Austria died in 1976:

Karl Meixner

Karl Meixner (February 13, 1903 Vienna-December 29, 1976 Hamburg) was an Austrian actor.

He began his career in the German film industry during the Weimar Republic era, appearing in films such as "Prostitution" (1927) and "The Blue Angel" (1930). Meixner continued his acting work in Nazi Germany, including playing supporting roles in propaganda films such as "Jud Süß" (1940) and "Kolberg" (1945). After World War II, he appeared in a number of films in both West Germany and East Germany, as well as in Austria. Meixner was also a successful stage actor, performing in a variety of theater productions throughout his career. Additionally, he worked as a dubbing actor, lending his voice to the German versions of foreign films. Meixner died in Hamburg, Germany, in 1976.

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