Austrian movie stars died in 2007

Here are 3 famous actors from Austria died in 2007:

Gerhard Bronner

Gerhard Bronner (October 23, 1922 Vienna-January 19, 2007 Vienna) was an Austrian screenwriter, film score composer, actor and musician. His child is called Felix Bronner.

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Georg Tressler

Georg Tressler (January 25, 1917 Vienna-January 6, 2007 Belgern) a.k.a. Hans Georg Karl Philipp Tressler, Hans G. Keil, Hans-Jürgens Tressler, Hans Georg Keil, Hans Sternbeck, Hans Tressler or Hans Dressler was an Austrian actor, screenwriter, television director, film director, film editor and film producer. His children are called Daniel Tressler and Melanie Tressler.

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Herbert Fux

Herbert Fux (March 25, 1927 Hallein-March 13, 2007 Zürich) also known as Herbert Fox, Hubert Fux or Herbert Fuchs was an Austrian actor and politician.

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