Austrian movie actors deceased in Falling

Here are 1 famous actors from Austria died in Falling:

Ludwig Stössel

Ludwig Stössel (February 12, 1883 Lockenhaus-January 29, 1973 Hollywood) otherwise known as Ludwig Stoessel, Ludwig Stossel, Ludwig Stossell or Ludwig Strossel was an Austrian actor and voice actor.

Stössel began his career on the stage in Austria, but eventually made his way to Hollywood in the 1930s. He appeared in over 130 films, often playing small roles as a character actor. One of his more notable roles was as the witness in the courtroom scene in the film "The Maltese Falcon" (1941).

Stössel was also a popular voice actor in radio and animation, lending his distinctive German accent to characters in programs such as "The Adventures of Superman" and "Tom and Jerry".

In addition to his acting career, Stössel was also a founding member of the Austrian-American Council, an organization dedicated to promoting cultural exchange between Austria and the United States.

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