Austrian movie stars born in 1917

Here are 5 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1917:

Hilde Krahl

Hilde Krahl (January 10, 1917 Slavonski Brod-June 28, 1999 Vienna) a.k.a. Hildegard Kolacný was an Austrian actor. Her child is called Johanna Liebeneiner.

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Maria Palmer

Maria Palmer (September 5, 1917 Vienna-September 6, 1981 Los Angeles) also known as Maria Pichler or Eliot Parker White was an Austrian actor.

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Maria Holst

Maria Holst (April 2, 1917 Vienna-October 8, 1980 Salzburg) a.k.a. Maria Czizek was an Austrian actor.

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Jackie Gerlich

Jackie Gerlich (September 21, 1917 Vienna-December 27, 1960 Sarasota) also known as Jakob \"Jackie\" Gerlich was an Austrian actor.

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Elfie Mayerhofer

Elfie Mayerhofer (March 15, 1917 Maribor-December 28, 1992 Maria Enzersdorf) a.k.a. Mayerhofer, Elfi, Elfriede Mayerhofer, Elfie Meyerhofer or The Viennese Nightingale was an Austrian actor and singer.

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